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Show Your Gratitude, Share Your Blessings

Show Your Gratitude, Share Your Blessings

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pin It Remember when one of your relatives came to you and asked for financial help, sure you want to help but are having second thoughts about it, with everything increasing in price, even the basic necessities, you don't want to be the one caught in a tight budget later on. Then you begin to go over several excuses in your mind- you also need the money, you have to pay for your son's tuition, you also have medical bills to pay, you have loans long over due. And you list reasons in your mind for not lending the money- this is the 10th time your relative has borrowed money, out of the ten, he has only paid three times, you are planning on celebrating your month long hard work by going on a little shopping spree, you feel that your relative depends on you too much and too often, you feel that you have no obligation to provide for them financially or otherwise.

I remember one time when one of our employees came up to my dad to borrow money for his son's tuition, my dad got some money from his wallet and handed it out to him. I asked him why he lent money again, when he still has not yet fully paid his last cash advance. He told me that I should just be glad that I'm the one who has something to give rather than be the one who has none and still has to look for someone who will.

Whatever your reason (or excuse for that matter), the best thing to think about and do first is be grateful. Be grateful that you are not the one needing the money, be grateful that you are not the one in their shoes, and be grateful that you're on the giving end and not on the asking end.

This is not to say that you have to give everything nor always. It's also your right to leave some for yourself, but if you do have something extra like time or money or knowledge or stuff, it's better to share than to keep them all to yourself. Be grateful for your blessings and a good way of showing gratitude is for you to share them with others. And you'll be pleased to know that blessings are like smiles, the more you give, the more you get in return.
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Becki said...

Gratitude is a wonderful thing. :)

Pinoy Blogger said...


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Anonymous said...

Gratitude,is good thing but it is right to say before showing the gratitude or help your needful friend financially you have to also check you financial condition also. If you have money then help your friend otherwise be practical in your life as you also have some responsibilities

Sandra Richardson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great post and a beautiful blog - I so love the picture that you have to the right, on the green box.

I agree with you that gratitude is a fantastic attitude to have - not only does it make us feel terrific and blessed, but also it gives perspective to what we consider "problems"... I like your dad's words of feeling glad for being the one that can give, rather than the one who needs.

I actually wrote a page about being grateful taht I thought you may find relevant:

Thank you and have a brilliant day!


Anonymous said...

yes gratitude is always nice.

Sandra Richardson

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