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Winning GC's from's Cold Rock Promo

Winning GC's from's Cold Rock Promo

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pin It Today is a very happy day. Why, you ask? Today, I have claimed the Cold Rock gift certificates that I won via blogging about Cold Rock and submitting it to's Cold Rock promo. When I arrived at the Cold Rock Express kiosk in Town, I told the crew that I was there to claim my GC's. They immediately smiled and confirmed my name. Hey, they knew who I was, nice. Apparently, they already have my GC's tucked away inside a neat little blue envelope with my name on it, all ready and waiting for me.
Cold Rock gift certificates
Of course, my daughter was already tugging at my dress, pointing to the selection of ice cream flavors, ready to choose and order. "Mommy, I like the pink and blue ice cream." "Mommy I like the little candy kisses and marshmallows." Nothing beats free food especially free Cold Rock ice cream.
Cold Rock collage 2
You can still win a Cold Rock gift certificate just by blogging.'s Cold Rock promo will run until December 21, 2008. Better hurry and check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I love that ice cream! I tried something like that at Edsa Shang's Heat. I love it! :)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! congrats.

Gita Asuncion said...

congratulations! you deserve it!
i hope to try Cold Rock soon...

Anonymous said...


glad you enjoyed the ice cream! the pink and blue concoction of your daughter looks good. :)

Guia Obsum said...

thank you so much betty! :)

Anonymous said...

Entrepgirl, I really can tell your love of food. Thanks for sharing those places where we can find good food.

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