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Heaven & Eggs - From Clouds & Halo to Rock & Roll

Heaven & Eggs - From Clouds & Halo to Rock & Roll

Sunday, August 28, 2011

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What used to be a haven for all things heavenly suddenly had a backdrop for everything rock and roll.

Heaven & Eggs interior
A few years ago, when you'd enter Heaven & Eggs in Glorietta, you'd immediately be transported to that light  and cloudy place up in the air; where chairs and tables are wooden and white, some would even be two-seater swing sets that would have you feeling giddy as you eat, really as if you were up there in the heavens.

Heaven & Eggs interior 2
Now, it's a totally different world. Posters and paintings of rock stars hang on every wall, as well as forks with tines folded "rocker" style; leather-like table cloths with dark brown chairs and red leather-covered seats. Dim lighting replaced what used to be a bright and sunny atmosphere. Fortunately, a great photographer friend of mine, Paolo Dolina, gave me a useful tip on custom white balance. And just in time too.

Heaven & Eggs US Angus Tapa Special
You don't go to Heaven & Eggs without trying their US Angus Tapa Special (P295). Perfectly marinated, the thinly sliced Angus beef just literally and magically melts in your mouth like a prime peace of meat would. At least it did back then. The change of scenery didn't bode well for their star dish. Even after several visits in hopes of finding a long, lost palatable experience, my latest (and last) attempt still proved to be in vain. The hard, tough meat lacked the delicate balance of the earthy, sweet, and zesty flavors of yore.

Heaven & Eggs Breakfast Chicken Teriyaki Platter
The Breakfast Teriyaki Chicken Platter (P265) showcases tender chicken imbued with sweet teriyaki glaze, poised beside a bed of soy rice and sauteed bean sprouts partly sheltered by a thin layer of pale colored omelette. The glimmering chicken bursts with ravishing sweetness; the egg providing abatement from the addicting flavor. The rice and bean sprouts married with the teriyaki chicken provides a perfect union of sorts that satiates the taste buds and satisfies the craving.

Heaven & Eggs Full Monty Cristo Sandwich
Meanwhile, slices of turkey breast and honey cured ham nestled in between oozing layers of melted cheese and perfectly browned slices of bread, dusted with sugar powder greeted us warmly. The Full Monty Cristo Sandwich (P285) is definitely a favorite with its enticing layers of ingredients peeking along the sliced bread. While the shoestring fries remain untouched, and the mango orange chutney hardly eaten, the sandwich left no traces on the plate aside from a few dots of the powdered sugar.

Heaven & Eggs Korean Beef Stew 2
Did somebody order pasta? Oh, it's the Korean Beef Stew (P245). It was a perfectly plated pasta dish, or so it seemed. What looked like spaghetti noodles and linguine turned out to be bean sprouts and thinly sliced scrambled eggs, interwoven with red bell peppers and julienned carrots. Chunks of beef and glistening fat were adorned sporadically around the plate. Underneath all the myriad of food elements was the rice drenched in salty sweet stew and more chunks of tender beef. The taste was right in the middle of the angus-tapa-and-chicken-teriyaki flavor spectrum.

Heaven & Eggs Rootbeer Float
Though the thick consistency of the ice cream wouldn't satisfy any thirst, combining it with rootbeer is always a welcome treat. Nothing will ever beat A&W's rootbeer float, but this Mug Rootbeer Float (P105) comes close. A globe of vanilla drizzled with chocolate syrup, drowns slowly in the bubble foam of the soda, gently merging with the rootbeer, lending its own additional sweetness to the carbonated drink. Utterly delightful!

Heaven & Eggs
Spot: Ground Floor Glorietta 4, Makati
Contact No.: 818.2792
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mrslavendula said...

I am definitely a breakfast person & all those breakfast dishes look so good! ¤drooling¤

J said...

Ha?!? Nagbago pala ng interior design ang H&E.

Guia Obsum said...

@J: yes, 180 degree turnaround. :)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

ate there several years ago but wasnt satisfied so we never came back.

Anonymous said...

That tapsilog looks good, never tried angus on tapa yet.

Gita Asuncion said...

like pinkcookies, we never went back after our first visit. food we ordered kasi wasnt really that spectacular. medyo pricey din for me eh. ;)

but i was definitely sad that they drastically changed the interiors of the place. might as well change the restau name. parang hindi bagay...

Guia Obsum said...

@Gita: Yeah, i wondered about that too. Why not change the name of the place?! Haha!

The Average Jane said...

I wonder why they changed the concept? It was ok as it is. But their new look is just as fine as well. =)

RunningEnthusiast said...

I recently dined here and it was a horror! When I used their condiment shaker/bottle for Parmesan cheese, small insects instead of cheese came out of it! when they took my plate of spoiled food, they just replaced the plate without replacing the amount of food spoiled. I had to ask them to replace it! Horror!

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