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Revisiting Recipes

Revisiting Recipes

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pin It Crispy Tilapia from Recipes
Recipes offers a variety of Filipino dishes that's very friendly on the budget.

We've been going to Recipes for years especially during the time that I didn't have a cook, and this restaurant was the most accessible place to order some take-out comestibles whenever we were already at the mall. Affordable, decent food placed in neat little plastic containers all ready to be reheated, it was certainly most convenient indeed. It's been a while since I've been here; having a cook and frequenting different dining places have deterred plans of an earlier revisit. Going around ATC one afternoon and hankering for a fast, Filipino fare presented an opportunity for a return that's long been overdue.

Recipes Kare Kare
We jumped straight to the main meals, the first one being the Kare Kare (P338). Loads of vegetables such as sliced eggplants, string beans, a volute of banana blossoms and stalks of cabbage lay in a heap atop the peanuty yellow-brown sauce. Hidden underneath lies pieces of ox tripe and beef meat that were as tender as the vegetables that conceal them. The sauce had that typical taste that almost borders on bland but not quite so. As with the others, it depends on its side kick of bagoong to round up its flavor. It isn't one of my favorites yet palatable still.

Recipes Dinuguan and Garlic Rice
I didn't like the Dinuguan (P170) which had a thin viscosity that really lacked flavor. It was sort of a pale stew of pork's blood one might think to have been skimped upon on ingredients. Pairing it with Classic Garlic Rice (P48) didn't help either. In spite of the robust garlic flavor, it failed to enhance the flavor profile of the brownish stew. Sadly, the only bright spot on the dish was the glistening long yellow green pepper.

Gising Gising from Recipes
Gising Gising (P170) is, as far as I know, termed as such because of its supposed heat that well, awakens your senses. However, Recipes' version had a more subdued take on this. What looks like green chili peppers chopped into bits are actually Baguio beans. Yes, there is a hint of spiciness albeit not pronounced at all. Nonetheless, it marries well with other viands but also stands well enough on its own given that there are countless bits of ground meat in this dish, enough to fill you up.

Recipes Crispy Tilapia
I like their Crispy Tilapia (P215) with its crunchy chewy sliced-up fillets encrusted in deep fried batter. Sometimes though, it can get a tad too chewy especially when several minutes have slipped quietly by. The redeeming component is actually the nice blend of spices inculcated in the soy sauce. Savory, salty, with a bit of a zing, it whets the appetite and compels you to munch continuously on a strip.

Recipes General's TofuMy favorite dish, one that I feel we should've ordered more of, was the General's Tofu (P135). Pillow-soft fried tofu abundantly soaked in a sweet savory sauce that glazes its skin, rests in a tumbled heap with that beguiling stare. Partially covered yet luringly peeking through is more sauce below. I fork a tofu cube, plunge it deep into the sauce and drench it with more before I once again take it in. My palate plays with dulcet flavors dotted with savory undertones before going back again to that wonderful sweet taste. More please!

Spot: 2nd/F Corte de las Palmas Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Contact No.: 772.2216
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i♥pinkc00kies said...

looks yummy!!! i wannt try the cripy fish & tofu!

Kitten said...

They say the gising gising is their best seller at recipes. I will try the tofu when i get the chance to dine in there.

YedyLicious said...

Recipes is one of my favorite restaurants and I agree with you regarding the convenient way they pack take outs for their customers. It is also my savior when no one in the family feels like cooking :)

J said...

I want some of those tilapia!

Unknown said...

ONly 300 pesos for Kare Kare? Very affordable. =)

Tetcha said...

I'd love to try their Crispy Tilapia and General's Tofu.

Gio of The Hungry Giant said...

I don't like dinuguan but the rest of my family does and I think they would appreciate one that's thick and packed with 'goodies'. The tofu and the gising-gising, I would eat with gusto! :D

Raymund said...

Ohhh, I miss tilapia. We dont have that here :(
Last time I had one was 2 years ago in LA.

Guia Obsum said...

@Raymund: That's sad! Tilapia is one of my favorite fishes, along with bangus and cream dory. Not having one in 2 years seems like such a loooong time.

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