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Dining at the Different Regions of Italy via La Piadina

Dining at the Different Regions of Italy via La Piadina

Monday, July 30, 2012

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Although I see La Piadina every time we would go to Glorietta, it was fairly recently when we decided to give this Italian restaurant a try.

La Piadina menu and interiors
Modern bricks act as a backdrop for the signage, while inside, a minimalist modern approach is apparent. A loft-type ceiling wherein vents and pipes are the architectural design lies overhead. After minding our surroundings, we start with their soup...

La Piadina La Minestra Di Zucca
I was quite disappointed with the La Minestra di Zucca (P170), apparently from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. It's some homemade pumpkin soup served with garlic bread that was reminiscent of baby food (yes, I've tasted those Gerber bottles; I had to, before I let my baby eat them). Perhaps, that was really how their version is -- bland and a bit watery; unfortunately, it didn't suit my palate. I like mine hearty and robust and just plain filling.

La Piadina Padana
The Piadina Padana (P210) also from the Emilia Romagna region was in fact a pita bread with sausage, Spanish chorizo and gorgonzola cheese wedged in between. It was fairly palatable albeit nothing of extra ordinary quality that would prompt me to order it again. It was served with the soup of the day which was Mushroom Soup that turned out to be just as bland as the previous one.

La Piadina La Pizza al Quattro Formaggi 2
Their La Pizza al Quattro Formaggi (P370) was really good. Thin, rustic crust with that earthy smell that danced with the sharp fragrances of the different cheeses, my mouth was already watering by the time the waiter settled the dish down. The pale yellow sea was tarnished with burnt portions surrounded by a golden brown hue. Ah, the perils of being a food blogger -- having a stomach that constantly objected to the will of prioritizing food shots. A loud crunch preceded a miscellany of aged dairy, and the crispness of the crust at the bottom was in constant reciprocity with the softness of the cheeses that blanket it.

La Piadina I Cappellaci 3
I have a penchant for ravioli whatever filling it may encapsulate. There's an element of surprise even if you have an idea of the main treasures that lie inside. The I Cappellaci (P320) hailing from the Emilia Romagna region was a homemade ravioli pasta with pumpkin and ricotta cheese filling. The pool of tomato sauce was light and thin, but the flavor was suitable for the several pieces of ravioli that floated about. I dip the garlic bread into the crimson broth and fork some dices of tomatoes before slicing a piece of the pasta across the middle and putting it into my mouth. Delizioso!

La Piadina Il Risotto Pilota
I'm borderline on the Il Risotto Pilota (P350), this time from the Piemonte region. I loved the Italian-style rice with parmesan cheese yet abhorred the homemade Italian sausage. I ended up finishing the dish with five and a half meatballs standing still at the center. The cheesiness of the dish was almost perfect; something to cut through the monotony of flavor would have been nice, but the sausage just didn't do it for me. It was too sharp and salty and left my taste buds in disarray.

La Piadina Il Risotto al Pesto con Scampi
I preferred the Il Risotto al Pesto con Scampi (P350) from the Toscana region over the Pilota. The Italian-style rice was cooked in pesto sauce with fresh shrimps and parmesan cheese. Surprisingly, the pesto wasn't overpowering though the green tones made me do a double take before taking a bite. The shrimps were succulent and lent a necessary contrast in both texture and flavor to the dish. My only qualm -- they should have taken off the tail as well as I found it distracting in finishing my meal seamlessly.

If you're looking for good pizza and pasta, try La Piadina. You can skip the soup though, unless you have a propensity for bland ones.

La Piadina
Spot: 2/F Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact No.: 501-3788
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Anonymous said...

That shrimps in risotto looks good, I love the colours and presentation as well

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