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Mr Bean: Life's Simple Pleasures

Mr Bean: Life's Simple Pleasures

Monday, July 23, 2012

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Never thought Mr Bean could be so cute... Well at least not the human character.

Mr Bean interiors
I was looking forward to trying out this place back when it was just sealed off by wooden boards and a large tarpaulin that displayed this adorable Singaporean soya bean. When it finally opened, I dragged my mom, who apparently has already tried this in the Lion City. The outlet was small but clean, well-lit and a pleasing green theme echoed throughout.

FRM tumblr mag 42
Mr Bean produces healthy and creative products, and speaking of creative, I was quite surprised to see such a small, fat pancake being prepared on some stainless steel cooking device situated perpendicularly to the counter. The fragrant smell wafted under my nose and just as I was about to choose my drink, I blurted out pancakes to the lady manning the store instead. "What flavor would you want?" I finally decided on the Kaya Pancake (P75), while my mom got the Cheese (P75).

They're pillowy soft and comes with a lovely but heady smell of freshly baked bread. I take a bite of this hot pastry and out comes an ooze of Kaya jam, slipping stealthily through one corner of my mouth. It was moist and the greenish jam sang of dulcet flavors that ran nicely on my palate. A few bites later though, I most surely needed a drink lest I choke up on this circular little treat.

Mr Bean Icy Honeydew Soy
I got myself an Icy Honeydew Soy (P90), the sweetness of which paired nicely with the Kaya Pancake. The coldness hit my throat with just the right amount of refreshing feel. The subtle saccharinity of the melon lingered on my tongue as I alternate between a bite of Kaya and a sip of this fruity soy milk.

Mr Bean Lychee Pop
I loved their Lychee Pop (P110), which unfortunately, was what my mom ordered so I was limited to taking just a couple of sips for tasting. Somewhere in between blasts of icy lychee, little pearls bobbed out of the drinking straw into my mouth. A bit delicate in nature, these orbs of surprise pop under a slight pressure of the tongue and teeth, shockingly sending out spurts of lychee juice inside the mouth. How delightful and addicting, not to mention unique!

Aside from Icy Soy beverages and pancakes, they've got the Classic Soy Milk, Bean Curd (Taho), Fresh Fruity Soy drinks and even Soy Ice Cream. But I'm definitely getting my own Lychee Pop next time!

Mr Bean
Spot: G/F The Garden (New Wing) Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
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i♥pinkc00kies said...

The pancake looks yummy! it reminds me of my fave from a stall in SG called Jollibean :)

Guia Obsum said...

@i♥pinkcookies: Haha, that's cute, Jollibean. They must love beans and soy in SG, yes? :)

Unknown said...

Try their soft serve ice cream. Tastes just like taho (in ice cream form.) Hehehe! =)

Raymund said...

Wow this is usually our snacktime dishes when I was in Malaysia, that kaya pancake is a good merienda

Guia Obsum said...

@Tin: Really? Sounds intriguing, I'll try it next time. :)

@Raymund: It was nice and really filling. :)

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