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Caffe Ti-amo: A Slightly Hidden Sweet Escape

Caffe Ti-amo: A Slightly Hidden Sweet Escape

Saturday, September 1, 2012

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A cozy little place to finish that perfect scoop of gelato...

Caffe Ti-amo interirs
A large mural of an Italian gelato shop bearing the same name act as a backdrop for this intimate café. Flanking this were posters of their fare affixed against the brick walls. A tree stood its ground at the middle of the place and lamp shades exuding shaded hues of yellow hang about. The furniture and fixtures were an eclectic mix of casual, modern and elegant, with simple pin lights and chandeliers, as well as brown leather ottomans and straightforward wooden chairs mixed with elaborately carved ones.

Caffe Ti-amo mainly offers gelato and coffee but I decided to skip the latter and just go with some frozen goodness this time.

Caffe Ti-amo Honeybread Gelato
When I first saw the Honeybread Gelato (P120), I was quite disappointed as the scoops of ice cream were already melting; not to mention that the globes were far smaller than what I expected based on the sintra board posters mounted on the wall. A thick slice of honey-toasted loaf bread sat at the center of the squarish plate decorated with rings of caramel (?) syrup and dashes of cinnamon powder. Choco mint and pistachio were the gelato flavors of choice and in between the orbs was a dollop of blueberries. Butter-soaked, the bread was slightly hard by the toasted perimeter and soft, almost bordering on squishy, towards the middle. It was sweet on sweet and I was quite surprised I managed to finish the whole thing. Had I known about its cloying characteristic, I would have chosen different gelato flavors, something with a little zest and zing just to counter all the saccharinity.

Caffe Ti-amo Waffle Gelato
The Waffle Gelato (P95 small; P189 regular; P379 large) proved to be the better plate as the globular scoops of gelato were still intact. The whipped cream was presented a bit messily but that's just a tiny thing I'm willing to pass up if this dessert was any good. And it was. The waffle tamed the sweetness of the Blueberry Cheesecake, and the Tiramisu lent another layer of flavor with its coffee taste. The fruits provided the tartness that I did not get from the previous dish, and the chocolate syrup gave it that sweet ending. My only complaint was that I was expecting it to be one whole circular waffle. Apparently, an order of the piccolo or small size gets you just a quarter of it, while the regular (which is what we had), gets you only half. You only get it in its entirety if you order the large size which is pretty expensive for a waffle if you think about it.

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The gelato itself, I have nothing to deprecate. Smooth and creamy, their gelato glides gracefully in your mouth, blanketing your palate with velvety textures and different flavor profiles as you slowly search what it hankers for the most. And mine seems to yearn for -- not at all surprisingly -- the Choco Mint.

Caffe Ti-amo
Spot: G/F Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact No.: 501.3785
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i♥pinkc00kies said...

yummmm :))

This is Lovelee said...

You have very beautiful photos here! I love them! =) I will try this place soon as this is a bit near where I work. Thanks for sharing!

The Mommy Roves said...

as the name suggests! this one is really lovely <3

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Animetric said...

Saw this while I was in Seoul but didn't get to try. I did however try Honey Bread at another coffee shop there (forgot the name) and I chose to have it topped with yogurt. It was pretty good and not at all overly sweet. Your description of the honey bread here kind of scares me since I have low tolerance for really sweet food.

Unknown said...

you're making me hungry and it's almost 12md! hahaha me and my bf are actually looking for yummy desserts to try lately. will check this out soon!

earthlingorgeous said...

OMG! I want! My weakness are sweets and desserts like this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Now I'm hungry!

MaryJane Tauyan said...

all look yummy! and its great how you took those photos! xx

Badet said...

Now that I read your post on the desserts, I'll just stick to their gelato. I think gelato is a safe choice.

Anonymous said...

Wow look at those gelato! Mmmmmmm

blankpixels (Certified Foodies) said...

Mmmmm.... exactly what I said soon as I saw the first photo. ;)

I usually just enjoy gelato alone 'cause I'm not really a bread person. But, the Waffle Gelato looks like something I'd order off their menu too.

Cristal said...

I like their Affogato the best! perfect blend to soothe my senses!

Love their gelatos as well! That's why I bought their promo posted on Metrodeal posted here:

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