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Hai Chix & Steaks: At the Back with the Red Door

Hai Chix & Steaks: At the Back with the Red Door

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Tucked at the back of a building spanning several juxtaposed commercial units, is the maker of some of the best steaks in the metro...

Hai Chix interiors
A little bit hard to find, this restaurant can be located upon driving all the way to the back of the Metro Home Depot complex along Julia Vargas Ave. It may not look much from the outside, but the moment you step through that red door, you'd suddenly be transported to a casual little place that utters coziness and style. The name obviously suggests their specialty dishes; regardless, I was in no mood for Hainanese Chicken. I want some steak, and I want that inch-thick slab I see on the counter of their open kitchen.

Hai Chix Citrus Honey Garlic Pork
Just to add to our main order of steak, we also had the Citrus Honey Garlic Pork (P200). Tender pieces of porcine meat bathed in a sweet glaze that gleams under the warm lights overhead, each bite brings an epilogue of tamed acerbity, bordering on just a mere suggestion, while a splatter of sesame seeds lends an added texture.

Hai Chix USDA Porterhouse
Just look at that beautiful hunk of meat! Good for 2-3 people, this USDA Porterhouse (P1,850) already comes with 3 servings of Beef Rice which you can exchange for Chicken Rice (should you prefer one), and a small bowl of corn and carrots. The Beef Rice comes off strong, with garlic bits completing the dimension. The Chicken Rice, on the other hand, is redolent of ginger, which I'm not exactly fond of. Frankly, I'd rather have some plain rice -- distractions aren't necessarily welcome when one is about to eat steak. Sitting seductively on a sebaceous sea, this mighty steak leaves me in awe of how one so thickset could actually be tender. You might want to bedaub it with more of that unctuous goodness as it is slightly underseasoned (albeit it might be an isolated case). Admittedly, some parts were a bit tendinous especially on one side of the bone, which is the strip steak side, but the tenderloin region will generally leave you sighing. And don't get me started on those scatterings on top. Toasted steak fat bits with just the perfect amount of crisp perch teasingly atop the meat. A tiny heap sends an explosion of sapid flavors that satisfyingly compensates what the steak itself lacks in taste.

Hai Chix and Steaks 
Spot: Metro Home Depot Doña Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City
Contact Nos.: 0917.507.5773 | 661.7695 | 633.7966
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