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FRM Bites: Morelli's Mascarpone and Fig, Banana and Dulce de Leche Gelato

FRM Bites: Morelli's Mascarpone and Fig, Banana and Dulce de Leche Gelato

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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 Triple Gelato Scoop: Mascarpone and Fig, Banana and Caramel Dulce de Leche

Definitely creamy; other than that, it's hard to differentiate it from other gelatos blooming in the city like Gelatissimo's or Caffe Ti-amo's. Besides having a rare flavor like Mascarpone and Fig, I can't appreciate it for anything else. And this was before I tried Bono's. After Bono, every other gelato in town seemed to just distantly fade away into oblivion. I'll save that for another post. Anyway, Morelli's does offer different combinations of sundaes, though at a steeper price, around P230-P420 if I'm not mistaken.

Spotted at: Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Tell me, what's the best tasting gelato you've ever had?

FRM Bites: A background...

What happens to my short reviews of varied food finds? They are merely left to be seen by my Facebook and Instagram followers, but what then of my blog readers?

As I pondered these questions, I decided to include these short reviews on this blog itself so that these little food gems may see the blogosphere's light of day. Short and may or may not be sweet, FRM Bites is all about that particular food I had one afternoon---one I used to deem too short for an official blog post---or a new dish at a restaurant I've already blogged about, or maybe that supermarket find that's just too good to pass up.

Either way, FRM Bites will be a delicious (or literally not) addition to this blog. Feel free to leave a comment or maybe suggest a similar fare that may be better than what I've raved or ranted about.

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