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In Print: Breakfast Magazine's Anniversary Issue and The Breakfast Party

In Print: Breakfast Magazine's Anniversary Issue and The Breakfast Party

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Celebrating a year of real food and real stories...

Breakfast Anniv Party collage 1

When I received an invitation for Breakfast Magazine's 1st Anniversary Party, I was excited. This was a magazine close to my heart. For one, I had met the people behind it a year ago, and I was pleasantly surprised to see such a young, talented and truly nice group.

Second, Breakfast was the first publication that made it possible to see my name, as a writer and photographer, in print. It was a surreal experience, and I was more than happy when they invited me to write again, this time for their Anniversary issue.

Breakfast Anniv Party collage 2

I was quite early when I got to the venue -- Cafe 1771, more particularly, the Wine Bar on the second floor. A bit dim, with dark, manly furnitures you would often see in a gentleman's club, I used the time to snap away photos of the place, and went downstairs to the Cafe's Whimsy and Lounge areas to do the same.

Below was a stark contrast. Bright, cheery and filled with color, The Whimsy had a more relaxed and casual feel. I was particularly enamored with The Lounge, with bookcases filled with hardbound books, and an aura that resonates with charm and coziness. It's one of those places where I'd love to stay all day.

Who wore the pose better?

Though the program started late---I was actually getting hungry. But then again, when am I not?---everyone had a good time. There were lots of games, raffles and prizes given out. I even won a couple of gift certificates and a year's worth of subscription. One particular game had some people doing their best imitation of each of Breakfast's cover celebrities. Guess who won? (clue: see photo above)

Breakfast Anniv Party collage 3

Chefs, food bloggers, sponsors and other foodies all came together to celebrate what Breakfast has accomplished in a year. And a lot at that! It started out with just five diffident girls (now they are six), and with a lot of passion, dedication and hard work, their magazine has inexorably become one of the best food magazines out there, taking pride in unveiling food and the stories behind them, ones that people could really appreciate and relate to.

Wine Bar 1771 buffet collage

Speaking of food, it was finally time to eat. Famished, I put a little bit of everything on my plate. The Caesar Salad was a nice start, with its acidulous dressing and croutons for texture, while the bacon bits lent a tad of saltiness. I especially liked the Vegetable Lasagna, packed with grilled eggplants and zucchini under a blanket of garlic parmesan flavored bechamel sauce with a nice golden color.

The Sauteed Sea Bream, Roasted Rosemary Chicken and Porchetta were pretty good, albeit I kept coming back to that lasagna. For dessert, there were bars of Sugar-Free Carrot Cake -- moist with a lovely cream cheese mantle, and Lemon Tart, which had a good collision of tartness and sweetness. Nothing too treacly so I'm fine with both.

Breakfast Anniv Party collage 4

After a few speeches from colleagues and professional partners, we all bid our thanks and farewells. I stayed for several more minutes while waiting for my ride, and chatted up with Kim (the Editor-in-Chief) and the other girls. I even made them sign my copy of the anniversary issue.

Breakfast girls are the sweetest! ♥

Breakfast Anniv Party girls
The amazing young women behind Breakfast.

Breakfast Magazine article

For the anniversary issue, I chose to write about my experience at Wildflour Café + Bakery. It was actually my big breakfast aha! moment, one where I would learn to appreciate forenoon hours away from the hullabaloos of daily life.

Wildflour is a place I've come to love on mornings, with its New York vibe and hushed ambiance that will soon turn up a notch in the next hour or so. The smell of freshly baked bread and the gentle clanking of cutlery; the painted wall posts and the scribbled menu on chalk boards. But I'm getting way ahead here. I'm gonna leave that for another post.

Please do check it out. Breakfast Magazine's Anniversary Issue, with sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga on the cover, is available in all leading bookstores. Or you can also subscribe via their website. Feel free to write your comments, suggestions and feedback about my article or the magazine below. Thank you for your support! Once again, thank you Breakfast Magazine and congratulations on your anniversary! :)

Breakfast Magazine
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Twitter: @breakfastmag
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