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What's New at Manang's Chicken?

What's New at Manang's Chicken?

Friday, March 8, 2013

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Something garlicky; something new...

Manang's Chicken store

I love Manang's Chicken, with its crisp, sweet soy skin, and saporous meat. It has been a while since I visited, so I was a bit curious about their new offerings, and a lot at that.

Manang's Chicken potato chips

The Chips were aplenty; each crackled under my teeth, its crisp exterior exploded with real potato flavor. It also wasn't that oily even if fried. The sporadic sprinkle of salt gave it a nice salinity. There were three available dips -- Ketchup, Garlic Mayo and Creamy Cheese. I decided to skip the usual ketchup and went for the other two, which were both good.

Manang's Chicken Garlic Pork Rice Meal

I ordered the Garlic Pork Rice Meal (P109), albeit I was a bit hesitant at first, seeing the plethora of garlic bits that covered the entire meat. Surprisingly, they didn't give off a strong garlicky flavor that would've made me run toward the opposite direction. The portion was even big enough and midway through, I was already feeling full. The porcine meat was a bit dry, though this could have been due to the fact that I've consumed the meal at home, so it wasn't really freshly cooked anymore. There was a soy vinegar (?) dip that went with it as well.

Manang's Chicken side dishes

When I usually eat viands without sauce, I prefer some sidings to go with it. Here, you can choose from three fresh sides -- Macaroni Salad, Coleslaw, and Buttered Corn. I tried the first two and both were decent enough.

I would have wanted to try their Red Velvet Sundae, it was actually the one I was most excited about. Unfortunately, their mall outlets don't carry sundaes, and if I'm not mistaken, I think it's only available for the month of February. Oh well!

UPDATE: The Red Velvet Sundae is available until March 31, 2013 in all of their branches except Glorietta Food Choices.

Manang's Chicken
Spot: Food Choices Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City
Delivery No.: 661.1111
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michymichymoo said...

You should try the Red Velvet soon, Guia! It's their best dessert, so far. :)

Guia Obsum said...

Hi Michy! I can't seem to find a non-mall outlet that's near me. Hope I can chance upon one soon. :)

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