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Food Reviews Manila's 2nd Anniversary Mitsuyado Sei-Men Giveaway

Food Reviews Manila's 2nd Anniversary Mitsuyado Sei-Men Giveaway

Saturday, June 15, 2013

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What I love about Mitsuyado? Their broths are full of flavor, I just can't get enough of them.

That and the fact that it transports me to some side street in Japan the moment I enter the place. Cobblestoned pavement, a Japanese noodle cart, and a bicycle complete the setting.

As for the food, here are my favorites...

Gyoza (P180)

One of the best in Manila, its seared wrapper breaks gently under a bite, and a proof of its oleaginous property slowly trickles down the corner of your mouth. Then you enjoy the abundance of minced pork inside, and eagerly reach out for another piece.

Mitsuyado Tsukemen
Marutoku Tsukemen (P340 regular; P380 large) and Double Cheese Tsukemen (P340 regular; P380 large)

You can opt to have your noodles served warm or cold; whichever way you choose, the nice thing about it is it's always going to come out as al dente. I figure, sometimes I think I'll go for the Marutoku especially when I'm hankering for some meat, while other times, I'll go for the Double Cheese if I wanted to get my cheese fix. While both are good, the memorable part for me is the broth. Both have this same rich, tasty flavor that almost borders on salty, yet manages to keep that little balance in check. It's meant to serve as a sort of dip for the noodles---hence the term (Tsukemen: dipping noodles)---but I'd rather slurp it away like a hot soup on a cold winter's night.

Mitsuyado Char Siu Ramen and Aji-tama
Char-siu Ramen (P360 regular; P400 large) and Aji-tama (P30)

The Char-siu, while milder in taste than the previous ones, is not to be ignored. Its savory broth is just as satisfying as the fork-tender pork slices that tease and allure. And of course, you must not pass up on the Japanese egg with a golden yolk that glimmers and glides, and leaves a trail of dangerous addiciton in its wake.

Hakata Ramen (P380)

This yellowish ramen has a thicker broth, that is totally milky and creamy. It takes several hours to make it, that's why the bowls are limited to just a few number a day. Like all the aforementioned dishes, this one is like a drug that will leave you wanting.

Mitsuyado collage 3
Strawberry Kakigori (P90), Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream (P90) and Cream Anmitsu (P150)

The different cold desserts are a treat as well. A caveat: the place can get quite packed especially during dinner so better if you come before 7 PM.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Spot: 22 Jupiter St., Bgy. Bel-Air, Makati
Contact No.: 511-1390

To celebrate FRM's 2nd Anniversary, Mitsuyado Sei-Men has magnanimously sponsored a giveaway for FRM's readers and followers!

  • TWO (2) winners of a Php 1,000 Gift Certificate from Mitsuyado Sei-Men
  • Anyone who lives in the Philippines is eligible to join; however, the prizes will only be sent to Metro Manila addresses.
  • Contest runs from June 15, 2013 until July 14, 2013.
  • You must have a valid and active Facebook and Twitter accounts to join.
  • Please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.
  • There are 7 very simple mandatory tasks you have to complete in order to qualify for the draw, but there are also optional tasks that you can do in order to increase your chances of winning.
  • Please follow instructions (put the correct message, tag the sponsors in the message, submit direct links, tag your friends,etc) for your entry to count.
  • Make sure that your Facebook shared posts are set to "Public" (the posting option is beside the time/date of your post, just set it to the globe icon), and your Twitter account is not protected/locked, otherwise I might not be able to view them, and your entry will not be counted.
  • The winners will be announced on this website on July 18, 2013.
  • Winners will also be notified via email and must send a copy of their valid ID as well as their Metro Manila address where the GC will be delivered.
  • The gift certificates have no expiry, but it is strongly recommended that you redeem and use them before December 31, 2013.

Good luck! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winners are...

Zhayne Soriano
Anna-Roda "Dash" A. Estefani

Congratulations to the two lucky winners! I'll be in touch with you soon for details on how to claim your prizes.

Again, thank you very much to Mitsuyado Sei-Men for being a part of FRM's anniversary celebration! :)
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abi said...

Tonkotsu (pork bone-based)

And where do you go for your ramen fix? Rairai Ken
But Hong Kong's Butao Ramen is my no.1
abigail ong

Zhayne said...

I've been wanting to try Mitsuyado Sei-Men ever since I read about it in a blog. Their Double Cheese Tsukumen and Aji-tama looks yum! And with the rainy season coming in, hot ramen sounds extra delicious!

Right now, I'm hooked with the Tonkotsu ramen in Genya Tonkotsu Ramen. I especially love their Pilikara Ramen with their melt-in-your-mouth chasu and tamago. It's not for everyone though since it's quite spicy.

Zhayne Soriano

michymichymoo said...

Double Cheese Tsukemen at Mitsuyado for the win!

Michelle Melo

Cel Mendiola said...

Tonkotsu ramen in Genya Tonkotsu Ramen. and double chees tsukemen :).

Maricel Fajardo

Kimberly Camille Tiu said...

Tonkotsu (pork bone-based)!

Kimberly Camille Tiu

sherry ann gole cruz said...

Tonkotsu (pork bone-based),i wanted to taste it on Mitsuyado Sei-Men!

sherry ann gole cruz

Jim Marlon Macaraeg said...

Double Cheese Tsukemen at Mitsuyado

Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

the food dude said...

Char-siu Large and a side of ajitama please...

Charlene Clara Dominguez said...

Tonkotsu Ramen/ R.B.S. 1 in Ramen Bar at Eastwood :)
Charlene Clara Dominguez

Jenny Vecina said...

Tonkotsu Ramen/ R.B.S. 1 in Ramen Bar at Eastwood

jenny vecina

Iris Castillo said...

Double Cheese Tsukemen at Mitsuyado Sei-men
Name: Iris Castillo
Email add:

marge888 said...

I want my Tonkatsu (pork bones) base ramen. Haven't tried any ramen yet only noodle.

Margaret Chan

stacy said...

I want my Tonkatsu (pork bones) base ramen. Sounds delicious!

stacy liong

Abigail said...

My favorite type of Ramen is the Shoyu. I get my Ramen fix at Ramen X
Abigail Sy

vivianaguilar said...

The Shoyu Ramen. I haven't tried any ramen here in the Phil.

Vivian V. Aguilar

Chona Gomba said...

The Tonkotsu! I usually go to my neighborhood (they have a Ramen house a long time ago, before they moved to Japan).

Name : Chona V. Gomba
Email Add:

Matthew said...

Tonkotsu sounds yummy. But I haven't tried one yet.

Matt Pua

Cecily Ng said...

Tantanmen sounds interesting, haven't tried any good ramen yet.

Cecily Ng

Liza Marie Valenzuela said...

The Tsukemen (dipping noodles)

Liza Marie Valenzuela

RubySalazarPapio said...

hakata ramen yummy meron red egg or salted egg sarap


Agustin John Cabredo II said...


agustin john cabredo II

Sarah Angela Malory Peralta said...

haven't tried any ramen :(

Sarah Angela Malory A. Peralta

Robert Jonathan Chan said...

I want the shoyu base soup. Have not tried the ramen from resto but have brought my own ramen from supermarket and it was chewy.

Robert Jonathan Chan

Julius Lao said...

I want my Tonkatsu (pork bones) base ramen. Haven't tried any ramen yet only noodle.

Julius Lao

Elma Winona S. Cruz-Barro said...

i love shoyu base soup but would go for tsukemen anytime.

Elma Winona Cruz Barro

Iona Lacson said...

Haven't tried one yet but I read good reviews for Wrong Ramen and Ramen Bar.

Iona Kristela M. Lacson

Dash Estefani said...

I'm fond of miso ramen and I used to get some of the best ones in Manila at Choto Stop in Little Tokyo. Sadly, the restaurant part of Choto Stop has closed (only the grocery part remains). Now I go to Ukokkei Ramen Ron for the best Tantanmen in town.

Haven't tried Mitsuyado Sei-Men's fare yet. I've been wanting to drop by but still haven't done so.

Anna-Roda A. Estefani

Aceline Graziel Estacio said...

I love the Stamina ramen of Tamagoya Noodle House, but I want to try Tantanmen of Mitsuyado Sei-Men. I've tried Ukokkei Ramen Ron and Izakaya Nihonbashitei but so far my favorite ramen fix is Tamagoya Noodle House. I read a lot of good review on Mitsuyado Sei-Men and I've been wanting to try it to compare it with the other ramen joints. :)

Aceline Graziel Estacio

JR Custodio said...

Me and my dearest girlfriend enjoy eating Shoyu Ramen. When I dined at Mitsuyado Sei-Men, I liked and enjoyed Tsukumen, which is new to me. For my ramen fix, my top three in no specific ranking are Hokkaido Ramen Santouka,Kenji Tei Ramen House and Mitsuyado Sei-Men. I just started to dine at Mitsuyado Sei-Men and so far I am amazed by the ambiance of the restaurant.

John Raymond Custodio

Theresa Cruz-Escaros said...

My hubby loves shoyu ramen in Kimono Ken. I hope we can try Mitsuyado Sei-Men so I can try the Double Cheese Tsukemen and that special golden egg yolk.

Theresa Cruz-Escaros

Maricel Pagkatipunan Villanuev said...

i like shoyu ramen and would really love to try Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Maricel Villanueva

arra carrasco-odeza said...

me and my husband loves Tonkotsu (pork bone-based) :) we only have karate kid available in the province but we are planning to try Hakata Ramen from mitsuyado sei-men this coming july ;) cant wait!

arra odeza

Jaziel Oliveros said...

Wrong Ramen and Ramen X's Shoyu Ramen!

Jaziel Oliveros

Michelle de Torres said...

i love Tonkotsu!!!!!!<3 <3 <3

michelle de torres

Jhay Ramones said...

MY favorite type of ramen is Shoyu (soy sauce-based), i go for ramen fix in Mitsuyado Sei-Men .

complete name: Rhozallino Chua Ramones
email address:

Kathleen Ann Calupad said...

Tonkotsu and Tsukemen

complete name: Kathleen Ann Gaddaung
email address:

Liberty Floro said...

I Love Tonkotsu!!..(Tonkotsu Pork bone base)

Liberty Floro

RubySalazarPapio said...

I love ramen


Eddielli Bungay said...

Tantan-men!!! I usually visit rai rai ken for my ramen fix! :)

Ma. Eddielli Bungay

Jelo Manongsong said...

Shoyu is my favorite Ramen at Mitsuyado Sei-Men. :)

Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

Girlie Camungay said...

Hakata Ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Girlie Camungay

Clyde A. Gabriel said...

Tonkotsu Ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men
Clyde A. Gabriel

Jet Reyes said...

Hakata Ramen from mitsuyado Sei-Men

Mac Jethro P Reyes

Jackal Frazor said...

I've tried Ramen at Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss

Emmanuel Leal

arthemus30 said...

I want to taste Char-siu Ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men it could be my first choice it look juicy and yummy..

Ariel R. Abella

Madara Lieciniece said...

Hey sweetie! :)

I kindly invite you to join a giveaway held on my blog!

Three easy steps and you might find yourself as a winner! :)

International giveaway!

Corina Mojar said...

i want to try tsukemen ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Corina Mojar

Mary Joy said...

I like tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men.. it so yummy...
Mary Joy Supetran

Arjayssa Reyes said...

My favorite type is Tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men. :)

Arjayssa Reyes

Karenkeng said...

Shoyu at Ramenbar

Jan Karen Ku

Lawrence said...

I like Tsukemen from where else but Mitsuyado Sei-Men!
Lawrence Nelson Guevara

Amberry Heavenly said...

What's your favorite type of ramen?

And where do you go for your ramen fix? I want to eat my ramen at Mitsuyado Sei-Men.

Julieanne Francis U. Abayan

Ma. Clarice Lao said...

Tonkotsu is my fave ramen.
I go to Ramen Bar

Ma. Clarice Lao

Cris Francisco said...

I love the Double Cheese Tsukemen at (of course) Mitsuyado Sei-Men!

Maricris Francisco

Riyalyn Gatdula said...

Char-siu Ramen

Riyalyn Gatdula

Anna Marie Lim-Chan said...

I love Cheese Tsukemen with Curry and I only enjoy it at Mistuyado Sei-men of course!

Anna Marie Lim-Chan

symbian80 said...

The Hakata Ramen looks so refreshing to eat after a longs days work at the office. Would fill your tummy and definitely satisfy ones craving for ramen. Hope to win this. :-)

Perlin Evangelio Bon said...

The Char-siu Ramen at Mistuyado Sei-men

Bryan Bernardino

rica said...


Ramen Bar
Ricalyn Sicad

Francis Falucho said...

Havent tried ramen but I like to eat Tsukemen

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Francis Falucho

Rogelio Quiambao said...

Double Cheese Tsukemen @ Mistuyado Sei-men

Rogelio Quiambao

Eunice Villola said...

I would like to try Hakata Tonkotsu at Mistuyado Sei-men

Mary Eunice M. Villola

Nicole de Dios said...

I love the taste of Tonkotsu ramen :)

I have tried Ramen bar but excited to try Mistuyado Sei-men!

Antonella Nicole de Dios

Eunice Chua said...

Tonkotsu at Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Eunice Chua

belinda b. ibanez said...

I love Tonkotsu Ramen

We have tried Ramen Bar

Belinda B. Ibañez

Leslie Cua said...

My favorite is the Tantanmen from Ukkokei! <3

Leslie Rachel Cua

Oliver Villanueva said...

My favorite is the Hotpot Ramen from Rairaiken

Oliver G. Villanueva

Cecille Capatan said...

Tsukemen at Mistuyado Sei-men

cecille capatan

Cristina Angeles said...

Tonkotsu (pork bone-based)

Cristina ANgeles

Jaff Gabriel said...

I'm settling for Hakata Ramen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Juan Rafaell Gabriel

ferdinand_dti said...

Miso Ramen. We are nearest to Tamagoya so it's our first choice
Ferdinand Angeles

joy pineda said...

Tsukemen (dipping noodles)
jpy pineda

marlene said...

Seafood Ramen at Rairaiken

Marlene R. Yanga

Mary Ann Cuer said...

Tonkotsu ramen :)
Mary ann Cuer

Imelda said...

My favorite ramen is salt-based broth (SHio)

I get my Ramen fix somewhere in Little Tokyo, but after reading this post I want to try out Mitsuyado Sei-Men... who knows it may become a favorite.

My name is Imelda N. Lim and if I win you can email me at

Elie Udasco said...

Tsukemen at Mistuyado Sei-men

Emilie P. Udasco

Justin! said...

Tonkastsu ramen! Nearest to TAMAGOYA! :D

Justine Raymund Maulion

Lavern Vega said...

Tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Lavern Vega

Dark_purple_ghost said...

Ramen Bar

Dan Robert Caracas

Allan Dacuan said...

Tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Allan Dacuan

Roseben Somido said...

Tsukemen at Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Roseben R. Somido

Julie Gonzales said...

Shoyu ! Not choosy, but I try my ramen the nearest from me.

Julie Gonzales

Zyra Anne said...

Tonkastsu ramen . I get my ramen fix anywhere When I feel I crave for one!

Zyra Anne Perez

Kany Vic Perez said...

Tsukemen from Mitsuyado Sei-Men

Kany Vic Perez

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