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Food Reviews Manila's 2nd Anniversary The Fruit Garden Giveaway

Food Reviews Manila's 2nd Anniversary The Fruit Garden Giveaway

Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Jams are not just for breakfast toast anymore...

UTT The Fruit Garden Tropical Paradise

I wasn't into jams as I really don't have a sweet tooth. I would sporadically buy a jar or two from the supermarket, wherein I would consume only about a quarter of the bottle until it would meet its expiration date.

The Fruit Garden, a product of Pierre Marmonier utilizing local fruits, has been very active in participating at local food bazaars and tasting events. Even though I've seen them far too often, it was only when I got to taste these jams at a cocktail party that presented them as stars on savory dishes that I truly enjoyed and appreciated them.

The Fruit Garden Assorted Belgian Chocolate Pralines
Belgian Chocolate Squares with Jam Fillings

They also offer Belgian pralines impregnated with indulgent jam fillings -- a collaboration with Risa Chocolates. My favorite is the Orange with Orange jam fillings.

The Fruit Garden Country Pate on Toast with Strawberry Black Pepper Jam
Country Pâté on Toast with Strawberry Black Pepper Jam

The Fruit Garden Tuna Tartar with Nori Strips and Mango Ginger Jam in Ceramic Spoon
Tuna Tartar with Nori Strips and Mango Ginger Jam

These hors d'oeuvres were truly a revelation. I finally saw how I can enjoy these sweet delectable treats, without leaving too saccharine a taste in my mouth. Paired with different savory dishes, these jams were pretty remarkable.

Discovery Set: 6 pieces of 30 gram bottles of assorted luxury jams

Flavors of The Fruit Garden include unique combinations such as Mango Durian, Mango Chocolate, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Strawberry Mint, Strawberry Banana, Lychee Berry Rose, etc. Now, they also have new ones like the Calamansi Brandy and Raspberry. Every flavor is worth a try!

The Fruit Garden
Spot: 295 Haig St., Mandaluyong and Legazpi Sunday Market

To celebrate FRM's 2nd Anniversary, The Fruit Garden has magnanimously sponsored a giveaway for FRM's readers and followers!

  • SEVEN (7) winners of the Discovery Set (a box of 6 pieces of 30 gram jars) of Assorted Luxury Jams from The Fruit Garden
  • SIXTEEN (16) winners of A Set of Fruit Jams (3 pieces of assorted 30 gram jars) from The Fruit Garden
  • Anyone who lives in the Philippines is eligible to join; however, the prizes are only redeemable at The Fruit Garden's Legazpi Sunday market stall or commissary in Mandaluyong.
  • Contest runs from June 30, 2013 until July 29, 2013.
  • You must have a valid and active Facebook and Twitter accounts to join.
  • Please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.
  • There are 6 very simple mandatory tasks you have to complete in order to qualify for the draw, but there are also optional tasks that you can do in order to increase your chances of winning.
  • Please follow instructions (put the correct message, tag the sponsors in the message, submit direct links, tag your friends,etc) for your entry to count.
  • Make sure that your Facebook shared posts are set to "Public" (the posting option is beside the time/date of your post, just set it to the globe icon), and your Twitter account is not protected/locked, otherwise I might not be able to view them, and your entry will not be counted.
  • The winners will be announced on this website on August 2, 2013.
  • Winners will also be notified via email and must be willing to pick up the prizes at The Fruit Garden's Legazpi Sunday market stall or commissary in Mandaluyong. Please present a valid ID when claiming your prizes.
  • The prizes are redeemable until August 31, 2013.

Good luck! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the 7 winners of the Discovery Set are...

Faith Alfaro
Arjayssa Reyes
Benjz Gerard Sevilla
Jaziel Oliveros
Jose Lorenzo "Jelo" Manongsong
Arra Odeza
Mary Louise Sanchez

The 16 winners of a 3-pc set of assorted fruit jams are...

Maricel Cel Fajardo
Ruby Salazar Papio
Erika "Rica" Rodriguez
Sherry Ann Gole Cruz
Vida Antoinette Mendoza Cuaresma
Rolly Pega Nunez
Abigail "Gayle" Sy
June Real
Kany Vic Perez
Lovely Joy Merced
Marlene Yanga
Francis Falucho
Julieanne Francis "Jeanne" Ugay Abayan
Mary Joy "Jhoy" Supetran
Allan Reyes
May "Yam" Ongsioco

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll be in touch with you soon for details on how to claim your prizes.

Again, thank you very much to The Fruit Garden for being a part of FRM's anniversary celebration! :)
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Francis Falucho said...

Not really like fruit jams... But I would like to try a blueberry jam

Francis Falucho

Analaine P.Laurio said...

my brand choice when it comes to jams is Fruit Garden,my relatives are using it and i hope i win so i can try it too

Riyalyn Gatdula said...

Mango jam!

Riyalyn gatdula

Robert Jonathan Chan said...

buy only local brand found in the supermarket and I buy the strawberry jam. Hope to win so I can try another brand/

Robert Jonathan Chan

Jim Marlon Macaraeg said...

Buy only at the local market and I love guava or strawberry jam.

Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

marge888 said...

Minimize adding jam to bread to lessen possibility of diabetes. Hope this product has less sugar

Margaret Chan

Jelo Manongsong said...

Strawberry jams from Baguio will do. I also love their Ube jam. :)

Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

Cecily Ng said...

I haven't tried The Fruit Garden's Luxury Jams. I usually just go with Smuckers or the jams from baguio.

Cecily Ng

kares bermudez said...

not yet tried The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams. Jams from Baguio.
Kares bermudez

Rene Gatdula said...

Not yet,but I love strawberry jams especially if it's made in Baguio
Rene Gatdula

sherry ann gole cruz said...

not yet tried,i love ube jam of good shepherd from baguio

sherry ann gole cruz

Cel Mendiola said...

I havent yet tried The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams. Jams from Baguio.

Maricel Fajardo

leyanna fortes said...

not yet. i love fruit jams i've made a pineapple jam before and i love it! :)

Jaff Gabriel said...

Haven't tried their Jams yet but I was able to nibble a Jam from coming all the way from Baguio. Just dunno what's the name of the brand but it hella tastes great! :)

Juan Rafaell Gabriel

Pau-pau Alagao said...

No, I haven't tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams but I would love to! I love any brand of strawberry jam from Baguio.

Paula Romana Alagao

Cates Dajao said...

What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams? Homemade / province made type are the ones that i tasted so far. cant say the brand since its just a bottle without a label.

Darylynn Cates Dajao

Jackal Frazor said...

What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams?

Strawberry jam from Baguio.

Emmanuel Leal

Michelle Jaguimit-Namilit said...

Have you tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams? No
What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams? Clara Ole

Michelle Jaguimit Namilit

Ma Gerllie Espinar said...

Strawberry Jam from Baguio

Ma Gerlie Espinar

Mirzi sarte said...

Ube Jam from Baguio

Mirzi Sarte

Iris Castillo said...

Somerset Raspberry jam

Iris Castillo

Judith Solomon Albius said...

What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams? Strawberry jam from Baguio.

Judith Solomon Albius

maricris abarabar said...

What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams?
Coco jam
Maricris T. Abarabar

Jaziel Oliveros said...

No. The Strawberry Jams in Good Shepherd, Baguio!

Jaziel Oliveros

angel said...

the best jam i ever taste...

Catherine Kjell C. Buama said...

Strawberry Jam from Baguio
Catherine Kjell C. Buama

Cherry Lumba said...

What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams?
1. I love caramel and strawberry jam. I honestly think all jams are delicious! :)

Justin! said...

Love the taste of strawberry ube jam in Good Sheperd in Baguio! :)

Justine Raymund Maulion

Maricel Pagkatipunan Villanuev said...

pineapple jam is my old time fave, i would like to try the belgian choco..thanks and God bless...
maricel P. Villanueva

Liberty Floro said...

Ube jam of Good Shepherd in Baguio and Tagaytay and Strawberry jam

Liberty Floro

belinda b. ibanez said...

Haven't tried Fruit Garden's Jam, wanna try it!

Love strawberry jam specially from Baguio.

Belinda B. Ibañez

stacy said...

peach mango jam!

stacy lyn liong

melleleee said...

looks goooood!!! I soooo love those bottles.. I havent tried it here yet but maybe i should.. <3

Mark Oliveros said...

I would probably try the Mango Chocolate.

Mark Oliveros

marlene said...

I Love Fruit Jams!!! I tried Smuckers and Good Shepherd.

Marlene R. Yanga

Kimberly Camille Tiu said...

No, no brand of choice but i love strawberry jams

Kimberly Camille Tiu

Abigail said...

No. My favorite is Smuckers!
Abigail Sy

arra carrasco-odeza said...

i havent tried it yet. would really love to win this so i could try. i love strawberry jam from baguio ;)

arra odeza

Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval Pagu said...

No i haven't tried it yet but would love to! so far my brand of jam is Smuckers

Pearliza N. Paguio

Lovely Joy V. Merced said...

Haven't tried it, the Jam that comes to mind is the strawberry jam from Baguio.

Lovely Joy Merced

Matthew said...

No. Clara Ole :)

Matt Pua

Jenny Esplana said...

NO. Strawberry Black Pepper Jam

Jenny P. Esplana

Theresa Cruz-Escaros said...

I have not tried them. I buy strawberry jam from Good Shepherd convent.

Theresa Cruz-Escaros

RubySalazarPapio said...

Not yet, my fav brand of jam is Strawberry Jam ng baguio kasi un pa lang ang natitikman ko.. hehe honestly


Madara Lieciniece said...

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Arjayssa Reyes said...

I haven't tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams yet, but I have always liked strawberry or jack fruit jam!:)

Arjayssa Reyes

Sofi Hanialaki said...

Amazing :)

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xx Sofie

mary cheyzerr said...

mango chocolate

mary cheyzerr hundana

Ma. Clarice Lao said...

No. My mom gets Clara Ole

Ma. Clarice Lao

Karenkeng said...

Nope haven't tried yet. I've tried Smuckers

Jan Karen Ku

Stella said...


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Queenly Tan said...

Hi there po! :)
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Perlin Evangelio Bon said...


Bryan Bernardino

cafevida said...

The only other jam I've tried is the one from Good Shepherd. But this is not necessarily my brand of choice, just that I haven't really tried other jams before :)

Vida Antoniette M. Cuaresma

Hoover Mon said...


Rogelio Quiambao said...

Pan de Manila Mango Jam

Rogelio Quiambao

Faye Pablo said...

I am not into Jam but I want to try the jams of The Fruit Garden!! :)

Ferosa Marie A. Pablo

Rolly Nunez said...

Good Shepherd's Strawberry Jam!

Rolly P. Nunez

Mary Ann Cuer said...

Nope haven't tried yet! I want strawberry jam! yum yum yum!!

allanoreyes said...


Allan Reyes

shandie said...

Strawberry Jam from Baguio

Roselei Shandie Valdez

joy pineda said...

my friend gave me Pineapple Coco Rhum , my first jam from The Fruit Garden i ever tasted and would love to have my next jam ... mango chocolate

junayda pineda

Mary Joy said...

I havent tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams so the brand that I want to try is coco jam and durian jam if ever they have it...
Mary Joy Supetran

macky maranan said...

no i havent try any jam yet

macky regina maranan

Philip Saud Ali said...

No, and my brand of choice currently is the Strawberry Jam from Baguio (Mountain Maid)

Philip Saud Ali

RieL said...

Too bad NO :(

Well there's no particular brand but Smucker's has been a household name.

Riel E. Corpuz

Remedios Ventura said...

I always buy locally-mad jams whenever I go out of town (as pasalubong).

Remedios Ventura

ferdinand_dti said...

No. Th nuns in baguio make my favorite strawberry jam :-)


Kany Vic Perez said...

No. But I buy Jams whenever I go out of metro manila or if my tummy says it.

Kany Vic Perez

Julie Gonzales said...

Not yet, but I want to. Currently I just settle on grocery Jams

Julie Gonzales

Ana Darato said...

Not yet..Strawberry jam from baguio ang na try ko at pinabibili ko sa pinsan ko
Ana Darato

Zyra Anne said...

Not yet. i tried jams from Baguio!

Zyra Anne Perez

Victoria Jose said...

Didnt tasted it. But I want to. Im settling now for grocery made Jam

Victoria Jose

Shannen Angeles said...

Haven't tried Fruit Garden's Jam. Tried some given by friends from the provinces

Shannen angeles

Kim Bryalle Frost said...

Not yet. Jam from baguio is the only jam i tried yet.
Kim Bryalle B. Frost

Mary Louise Sanchez said...

I've tried the Ube Jam and strawberry jam from Good Shepherd in Baguio.

Mary Louise Sanchez

rica said...

strawberry jam from Good Shepherd is the best!
rica sicad

Jhay Ramones said...

No, i haven't tried The Fruit Garden's Luxury Jams.

For me the Good Shepherd from Baguio is also a brand of choice whe nit comes to jams
because high Quality & Delicious Jam.

Rhozallino Ramones

Wendy Rose Santillan said...

no. i only settle on grocery-bought jams and we do homemade jams like guava jams.

Wendy Rose F. Santillan

Jeanne Ugay said...

No, I haven't. Clara Ole jams
Julieanne Francis U. Abayan

Cristina Angeles said...

Nope. What I tried are jams made from local fruits made in the provinces that Ive visited

Cristina Angeles

Maria May Ochea said...

No! I tried ube Jams at home and i love it!

Maria May Ochea

maydoll0513 said...

No, I have not tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams yet. I love strawberry jam!
Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

Claire Santiago said...

NO, I haven't...I love the strawberry jams from Baguio
Clarinda Santiago,

Sassy Supernova said...

Haven't tried it. I love the ube jam from Good Sheperd, Baguio. It's to die for and we can even empty the jars in one sitting! ;-)

N: Faith F. Alfaro

Ria Ramirez said...

Have you tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams?

I only have tasted the ube jam from Baguio

Name: Mary Anne Ramirez

Email Address:

Jigs Sevilla said...

1. No, I don't have any in particular.

Benjz Gerard M. Sevilla

Michelle Ame said...

No, Smucker's Organic Strawberry Jam
Michelle Ame

ella perez said...

haven't tried it. we love the ube jam from baguio.
may ongsioco

Abigail Ong said...

1) What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams? Strawberry jam from Baguio

abigail ong

Ging Aquino said...

Haven't tried it yet, but would love to. :) We like using Smucker's at home.

Marie Gisela Aquino

Erika Rodriguez said...

Have you tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams?

If YES: 1) What is your favorite flavor? 2) What flavor would you like them to whip up next?

If NO: 1) What is your brand of choice when it comes to jams?

I LOVE Strawberry Jam! :D

Rica Rodriguez

cherry tan said...

no. i have no brand choice, i am not that particular.
cherry tan

Jenny Vecina said...

havent tried yet,,
jenny vecina

Joshua Torres said...

I like Jams from Baguio!
Strawberry Jam
Joshua Torres

June Rumbaoa Real said...

I like Jams from Baguio - Strawberry Jam :)
June Real |

June Rumbaoa Real said...

I have no particular brand of jam so far but I like Jams from Baguio - Strawberry Jam :)
June Real |

Anna A. said...

We just usually buy Lady's Choice jams. Guava jam is my favorite!
Anna Maria Adona

Cyril Valencia said...

I have'nt tried it yet. We usually buy Strawberry jams from baguio. I want to try these

Cy Valencia

rachel canales said...

strawberry jam. i want to try diff kinds of fruit jams :)

Rachel Canales

camille said...

I have not tried The Fruit Garden's luxury jams. I usually buy Clara Ole jams
camille quiambao

Elie Udasco said...

Haven't tried The Fruit Garden's Luxury Jams yet. When it comes to jam, the only brand that I have tasted before is the "KABLON FARMS". I'm so hoping to be one of the lucky persons to win and to try it!.

Emilie P. Udasco

Marinela Diaz said...

I haven't tried The Fruit Garden's Luxury Jams yet. But I do love jams, especially strawberry and pineapple. I usually buy Clara Ole.

Marinela S. Diaz

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