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Corazon Filipino-Hispano Cuisine by Chef Florabel

Corazon Filipino-Hispano Cuisine by Chef Florabel

Sunday, October 6, 2013

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Another Filipino-themed restaurant by Chef Florabel...

Corazon collage

Most of Chef Florabel Co's restaurants center on Filipino fare, either combined with some Spanish cuisine or continental dishes or simply on its own, presented in a casual or fine dining way. The restaurants themselves have a lot of character, just like Corazon, the chef's Filipino-Hispano creation.

Set in Shangri-La Mall's new area, East Wing, Corazon is one of the first to open in the cluster of restaurants at the 4th floor. An ornately carved chandelier greets you as you enter the doors, while paintings with gilded frames hang on crimson walls. There's also a dining area outside the restaurant's glassed interiors, albeit you can still enjoy the airconditioning provided by the mall itself.

Corazon Adobo Rice
Adobo Rice (P275)

We started with Adobo Rice, each grain embraced with a robust and distinct adobo flavor, right away satisfying whatever saltiness your palate is yearning for.

Corazon Sinigang na Pompano
Sinigang na Pompano (P595)

Pompano is one of the very few types of fish I eat because it isn't filled with tiny fishbones that make eating one usually a hassle. Here it is sliced into several large pieces, drowned in a sea of sour broth that's dark yellow in hue. The warm soup trickles deliciously down my throat, acerbity in its wake. Refraining yourself from eating further would be a challenge with this dish.

Corazon Camarasa
Camarasa (P525)

For months I've dreamed of indulging in prawns swimming in crab fat, so I was determined to get this upon seeing it on the menu. And it did not disappoint. The platter is filled with several pieces of succulent prawns---so meaty I had to cut them in half just to take advantage of all the sauce I could sop them with---and large heads filled with a deliriously good combination of savory shrimp flavor and talangka taste. Sinful pieces of heaven!

Corazon Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake

I chased them down with my daughter's order of Strawberry Milkshake, tartness tainting the thick liquid, and the milk washing it with sweetness. But then my palate hankered for another bite of the acidulous sinigang and the oleaginous shellfish duo.

Corazon Queso de Bola Cheesecake
Queso de Bola Cheesecake (P210)

With plates wiped out clean, we asked for the dessert menu. We tried the Queso de Bola Cheesecake---rich, but not dense---sitting on top of some drizzled caramel syrup. It got cloying after a few bites.

Corazon Suman Latik with Batangas Tsokolate
Suman Latik with Batangas Tsokolate (P180)

Next we tried the Suman Latik with Batangas Tsokolate, and we had hit a jackpot! Suman (local rice cake) donned in a light shade of green and sprinkled with toasted coconut milk curds sported a short bamboo skewer which you can use to scoop it out of a shot glass half-filled with tsokolate. The marriage of the slightly sweet glutinous rice cake with such a full-bodied thick chocolate liquid is so addicting, you'd manage to finish three glasses even if it's heavy on the stomach and after you've just consumed a full meal.

Corazon facade

Overall, we were quite happy and satisfied with the dishes we tried. We did like our dining experience here better than at Sweet Pea or Crisostomo, two other restaurants also by Chef Florabel Co.

Spot: 4th/F New East Wing Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: 687.1955
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michymichymoo said...

Hmmm, I must give this a visit soon! The prices are reasonable naman pala. :)

Guia Obsum said...

Yup! Let me know what other dishes you try. :)

anne albino said...

I wasn't that interested in Pepper Lunch before but when I try this.. WOW!! my tongue was exploded (ha-ha exaggerated!) well it so tasty especially with the yummy sauces and I love the way meat is cooking on the hot plate (whattaaa.. a cooking experience!!) I really enjoyed this food.. Next time I will bring my mom

Cates Dajao said...

1) > I will bring my best buddy! He's been very busy and have a very stressful life at work. Even though hes busy, he still finds time for me which is really sweet. For always being with me through thick and thin, I would definitely bring and surprise him to a buffet to ease his stressful life by eating loads of delicious food as thank you for always being there to me.
2)> Everyone deserves to win, why would you choose me? Plain simple, me and my buddy loves to eat and share it with him makes each other happy! It does not need to have a grand celebration to eat to a grand buffet, even an ordinary day, being alive and kicking is enough to deserve someone like me/us to eat on something special buffet like this.
>Being a fan of FRM makes me choose where to eat, what to eat and gives you idea when to eat there. Its been really helpful to me since i love eating, anyway everyone does(lol). I am really thankful that FRM exist and shares their experience for free. I am really looking forward for more reviews and discover new resto from you FRM! Keep it up!

Darylynn Cates Dajao

Elinor Semira said...

1) I will bring my hubby with me to this lunch or dinner buffet because we haven't celebrated hubby's birthday last September 25th in a grand way. In his special day we just strolled around the mall and dined in a fastfood chain but we enjoyed it very much. But I would love to give hubby an awesome treat since we haven't dated alone these days so this would be a great chance to do it so I hope I win.

2) I deserve to win this buffet for two at Spectrum because hubby and I love to eat and you can see it from our pictures how healthy we were lol. Kidding aside we were such foodies and honestly before we used to do a lot of food tripping at different restos but when hubby had diabetes 3 years ago we stopped and tried to have a healthy lifestyle. And just in case we win we would try those salads then. The great pictures and the good reviews makes me a fan of FRM.

Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

Tel Balita said...

1) Who will you bring with you to this lunch or dinner buffet and why?
If the odds are ever on my favor, I'm planning to have this as a birthday gift for my dad so I guess it will be a very special and wonderful date that he and my mom can share <3

2) I'm holding these giveaways as a thank you to my FRM readers for all their support, and for continuing to read FRM. Tell me why YOU as an FRM reader deserve to win this buffet for two at Spectrum. What makes you a fan of FRM?

With all honesty, I'm actually a newbie here in FRM. It's just recently that I had the time to research online so I stumbled upon your website and discovered really helpful reviews and info for my food trip plans. Like you, Ms. Guia, I could be adventurous in terms of trying out delicacies that are less ordered than the usual. I regret that it was only now that I discovered your blog. But I believe we share the same passion for eating and, for that, I deserve to win this buffet for two at Spectrum. :)

Kristel Loren Balita

zeerzoid said...

1) I'll be bringing my brother not just because it's his birthday this October but also as a way to celebrate that (hopefully) we've passed all subjects this semester! This will be our stress-reliever and celebratory dinner especially since we love eating at buffets!

2) I am a fan of FRM because whenever I need information about a certain food haunt, I can be assured that I have an accurate guide on that place. I am pleased to find that the opinions here are honest and that they never sugar-coat reviews. I think that food bloggers should make personal recommendations on what they find good and not good in restaurants, and not just write positive reviews--that way, readers can use food blogs as suggestions so that money can be spent worthwhile--and I find that FRM does just that. More power! =)

Gail Te

Lowie said...

1. ) I'll be bringing my Family in Fairmont Makati to have a luxury luncheon on my Birthday next month, November 11, 2013. Its a perfect venue to celebrate my birthday, we will enjoy the large selections of food not only that but also the luxury atmosphere. That day will be full of happiness and laughter and It will a great gift if Fairmont Makati will witness how we treasure the moments that we will be having on that day.

2.) A good friend of mine suggested this blog. She told me that if I want to have a the best dinning experience I should refer to this blog. I can say that I'm a new reader on this blog and I'm pretty much enjoying your reviews and It make me crave all the time haha. :) I love how honest your reviews are. Keep it up and more power!

Lowie Jee Ordiales

Cristina Angeles said...

1. My mom-in-law. She always tells me she wanted to go to places shes never been before and eat food na di pa nya natitikman. That's what I've been trying to do.

2) I deserve to win because I love delicious food, affordable food and nice places for food. Same reasons why I am a big FRM fan!

Cristina Angeles

Tinky guaƱez said...

I will be bringing my better half. His my world and I will forever thank GOD for giving him to me.

I deserve to win because we just finish the school term and I think I deserve to unwind, relax and reward myself with this awesome foods.

I love food that is why im a fan of FRM, gets me updated on great foods.

Maria Kristina Punla

ralph said...

I will be bringing my lola !! because we love to eat

I deserve to win because this is a chance off a lifetime

ralph adversario

reginamaniquiz10 said...

i wiil bring my mom ang my 2 son...and enjoy the food

emiliana said...

I'd share this with my partner as an anniversary treat. It is love for love that brought us together and this will be a good time to rekindle that love!

I deserve to win because a supermom like me needs a break to recharge my batteries!

Cheryl Golangco said...

1. I will bring my fiance Philippe Villareal with me if I win. Why? Because we enjoy discovering different kinds of food from different places. It's an experience worth having! Nothing describes a culture or place more than its food.

2. I love reading about different restaurants around the metro! I would love to win this buffet for two so I can get to try what the buzz is all about. :)

Cheryl Golangco,

Jet Reyes said...

I will bring a friend . i am goin to use it as a S present because im poor
and cant afford to buy anything elegant for her .

I need to Win it badly for her . and i need something of a luck this year :)

Mac Jethro P Reyes

Maria Jenileen Alano said...

I would love to share it with my best friend, It is not that often that I get the chance to be with her. I think that it would be a great may to reconnect as well as celebrate our birthdays together.

What makes me a fan of FRM is because FRM gives its readers full info on the best restaurants to try out that are just enough for the budget but the quality of food are really exquisite.

Maria Jenileen Alano

ma jessica Villamora said...

my hubby and i havent dated for a long time after i gave birth and my baby is on her 3rd month so this is the best time and opportunity. We both Need this so much.

FRM just give me all the information I need about satisfying my tummy around metro. Very Helpful and reliable.

Ma. jessica villamora

Tel Balita said...

1) If the odds are ever in my favor, I will give this as a gift to my dad for his upcoming birthday. We would be really grateful if he and my Mama could celebrate it in a very special date at Fairmont Makati, for this will be a one-of-a-kind experience for them because we're living in the province. I'm kinda thrilled of the thought of them having a date on a fancy hotel that we couldn't afford :") Anyway, they really are special because they never get tired of loving us and that they have worked really hard for all the "luxuries" that we are experiencing now (that they have never experienced in their childhood). I'm really proud of them. <3

2) Honestly, I'm a new fan of FRM and am really delighted to stumble upon your blog, Ms. Guia :) It was just recently that I had more time to research online. Being a foodie, I love to get updated with the new restaurants and to learn of expert foodies' recommendations and tips for my food trip plans. And your blog has it all! I regret that it's just now that I discovered your blog, thanks to Facebook suggestions. Your tips are truly helpful and your photos capture the whole being of the restaurants that you review. Like you, I'm also adventurous when it comes to food. Growing up in Laguna, I feel like Dora the Explorer in mapping out the whereabouts of the restaurants I want to try out plus I'm not afraid to try the food that are less ordered than the usual. Hence, I therefore conclude that I deserve to win this buffet for two at Spectrum! I maybe a newbie fan but, yeah, the best is yet to come :)

Andrew Junsay Angeles said...

1) I'm gonna bring my foodie friend as well. There's nothing like enjoying food with company that shares your enthusiasm.

2) I've been reading FRM since last year and I've come to know lots of foods, restaurant places and even food events I haven't heard of before. I would like to think I deserve to win because I'd make a very outstanding review or blog entry for Spectrum. Nothing would give me more honor than getting the chance to eat there and writing a review.

Andrew Junsay Angeles

Ging Aquino said...

1. I would definitely bring my boyfriend to the buffet if I win. I just resigned recently (or not so recently, it just feels like it, but time indeed passes by so fast) due to some circumstances at home that I'd rather not divulge anymore. I'm so grateful for his patience and understanding for the past months. He had to carry the burden for both of us and even gave up a lot of things. I know I haven't been a great partner, but he didn't make me feel that way; he didn't give out so much as a complain or a grumble. So I really wish I'd win, so it would be my turn to surprise him and give something back. It may not be enough for all that he's done for me, but it would surely cheer him up. Moreover, between the two of us, I am the one who loves to try different kinds of cuisines; I would definitely want to share that with him, and hopefully be able to show him that there's so much more to food than sisig, burgers, and pizza (hehe).

2. Ever since I stumbled upon FRM some months back, I have been an avid reader of this blog. I want to be updated with what's new around the metro and go on gastronomical adventures (which is currently put on hold at the moment). I realized that most of the time, if it's a restaurant that was given special mention on this blog, I would be tempted to check it out. I highly value Ms. Guia's opinions and recommendations regarding food.

Marie Gisela Aquino

Gigi Ramos Mesina said...

i will definitely bring my whole family if i will win this buffet experience at Fairmont Makati. We love to try different buffet all over metropolis. I'm sure they will surely enjoy it!

Jan Karen Ku said...

1. My mom -- because we haven't gone out on a mother-daughter bonding yet ever. Usually,

when we go out, we are a complete family. So if I win this, I'll definitely bring my mom

so we could have a mini mother-daughter bonding moment.

2. I deserve to win because I've been an avid fan of your site.

I'm a fan of FRM because I view this site frequently to get reviews on new restos, etc.

Jan Karen Ku


Sally Yu said...

1. I would bring my hubby with me so we can celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary this November without burdening him especially now that our budget is allotted to baby's first birthday on December.

2) First of all, I would like to greet FRM a Happy 2nd Anniversary! Congrats! Actually, I just recently found out about FRM because of the giveaways popping on my timeline. I love eating out. Hoping to be a regular reader of FRM.

Sally Abella Yu

Sam Sauler said...

1. I'm bringing with me my boyfriend-slash-bestfriend, G, because it's food that brought us together (because we both love food in great proportions!!) and like we always say, we shall stay together through thick and thin.
I wish to treat him to a grand lunch/dinner like this as he's been very hard working and at the same time supportive to me.


Daniel Plazo said...

1) I would like to bring my brother in Christ because I've learned a lot on him specially in life and I would like to treat him because He always there for me and share what he has.

2) I want to be a part of the Anniversary of FRM and share with them their happiness and tastes.

Daniel Plazo

May Ochea said...

1) My husband works hard for us that's why he deserve to be treat in a buffet. Minsan lang kasi kami kumakain sa labas lalo na sa mga mamahaling buffet kasi nga nagtitipid. I want to surprise my hubby also because it's our wedding anniversary next month, hopefully if i won sa Fairmont namin icecelebrate ang aming 3 yrs weddeing anniv. <3

2) I'm a fan of FRM, lagi kong binabasa yung post nyo when it comes to foods, desserts, & all. Yung mga restaurants na nag oofer ng mumurahin pero classy na foods ay dito ko po nalalaman. Minsan nga pag tinatanong ako sa mga cousins ko kung anong best resto na pwede nilang pagkakainan o ipagdate yung mga Gf nila dito talaga ako kumukuha ng ideas. :) Thanks FRM! <3

Maria May Ochea

michelle said...

my hubby mom or dad and my unica hija (my daughter)they are the sweetest persons in my life that's why i want them to treat them as sweet as this giveaway promo! :)

i'm a fan of FRM coz im very fond of foods reviews and i love everything about they write! i trust everything they write about food...keep up the good work! God bless and more power!!!!

Michelle De torres

macky maranan said...

if i win i would like to bring my mom and treat her to this fine dining restaurant because i want to thank her for all the things she done for me . she keep on supporting me in everything i did. and for that i know that she deserve to be treated as a queen for awhile.
and also my mom and i are food lover eating is one of are bonding . this blog really helps me where to find the good foods.

macky regina maranan

Jelo Manongsong said...

I will bring my elder sister since we both love foods and to show my gratitude to her for taking care of me when I was still a child.

I deserve to win this buffet because I never been to buffet restaurants before and I love your blog because I love to try new things especially food. :)

Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

Francie Rose Yutan said...

I will bring my best friend since high school, for we wanted to experience this kind of stuff for so long now and will serve as our best bonding time ever plus a gift to ourselves as a celebration of our beautiful friendship through the years and we love to eat of course!

I deserve to win this gift for I've never experience this kind of buffet and I love reviewing food I've tasted. I'm a fan of FRM because I love to eat and wants to know the latest on the metro about foods and restaurants of all kinds.

Francie Rose Yutan

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