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Ginza Bairin at Glorietta

Ginza Bairin at Glorietta

Monday, October 21, 2013

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Unagi Katsu is love, love, love! ♥

Ginza Bairin collage

If you're looking for the best katsu places in the metro, three restaurants are named by most foodies, with no clear winner: Yabu, Saboten, and Ginza Bairin. Almost similar in terms of the menu and in the way the plates are presented, they still have distinct dishes that differentiate them from one another.

I have yet to try Saboten and its popular Grated Radish Katsu, meanwhile Yabu has its Soft Shell Crab Katsu. Here in Ginza Bairin, they have the Unagi Katsu, something I've dreamed of devouring ever since seeing a photo of it in one of my social feeds. With my baby in tow, I headed for the Japanese Katsu resto at the new Glorietta's outer strip of restaurants.

Ginza Bairin Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu (P75)

I ordered ala carte for my daughter, seeing as she won't be able to finish one of the sets anyway. She wanted chicken so that's what I got for her. Tender chicken meat is embraced by Panko bread crumbs, and I'm grateful for the lack of oiliness.

Ginza Bairin Hire Katsu
Hire Katsu (P65)

As with the previous ala carte katsu, the Panko crumbs provide a nice texture sans the greasiness. The Hire as I've learned previously, is the one with lean meat, while the Rosu has a nice layer of fat. Even with no fat, the Hire proved to be tender, albeit not nearly as soft as a piece of Kurobuta, of course.

Ginza Bairin Unagi Katsu Set
Unagi Katsu Set (P795)

The Unagi Katsu Set, as well as their other set dishes, comes with unlimited rice, shredded cabbage, miso soup, sliced fruits and Japanese pickles. Begin with the grinding of the black and white sesame seeds, and the pouring of their special Tonkatsu sauce, which is quite more tangy than that of Yabu's. Do drench the shredded cabbage with their sesame soy dressing for an addicting side salad.

Giddy with excitement, I bit into a piece, first tasting it without the sauce just to explore the flavor. The crust is covered with the same Panko crumbs, and crunches audibly underneath each bite; light brown crumbs bounce off the plate as they drop from the corners of my mouth; ensconced inside is a strip of soft unagi that melts in my mouth and leaves a savory sapidity in its wake. Bliss! I then take another bite, this time with the Tonkatsu sauce, and I can't decide which I like better so I consume the rest, alternately dipping it and having it as is. Needless to say, this one makes it to my list of favorite dishes this year.

Next time, I have to try their Special Katsudon Set, which is reputedly one of the best katsudon dishes in Manila. That is, if I can convince myself to let go ordering the Unagi Katsu again.

Ginza Bairin
Spot: G/F New Glorietta 2 (along Palm Drive), Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact No.: 553.7350
Facebook: GinzaBairin.PH
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Richard Benson K. Co said...

I love their Katsudon with that golden yolk on top. You dip a piece of the meat and it just kicks the flavor up a notch.

Guia Obsum said...

I really have to try that next time! :)

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