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L'entrecôte Manila: Now More Than Just Steak and Fries

L'entrecôte Manila: Now More Than Just Steak and Fries

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Not just steak and fries anymore...

L'entrecote collage

L'entrecote has been around for a few of years, famous for their very limited menu offering Steak Frites. Their usual dining clientele of foreigners and expats, on top of their Swiss-French cuisine, somehow make them a bit intimidating to most Filipino diners. Wanting to veer away from this fine dining connotation commonly associated with anything French, and be approachable to a wider range of patrons, L'entrecote now offers more dishes on the menu well suited to their Swiss-French bistro vibe.

L'entrecote appetizer collage
Clockwise from top left: Pissaladiere (P265); Swiss Pizza Bites (P320); Baked Mussels au Cafe de Paris (P275); Shrimps Piri Piri (P290)

You may want to start with a few of their appetizers like their Pissalediere which is reminiscent of the Alsatian flammekeuche or tarte flambée or even flatbread in shape. No crème fraîche here, just some onions, anchovies, black olives and Gruyere cheese. The Shrimps Piri Piri is bathed in a striking orange sea of lemon, tomato and chili salsa for a quick kick. There's a trio of canapés---spicy tomato chutney, mushroom chorizo, ham pineapple---all blanketed by Swiss Raclette cheese. And one must not forget to try the duo of mussels doused with garlic lemon butter chicly called Baked Mussels au Café de Paris.

L'entrecote Home Made Marinated Duck Foie Gras Pate
Home Made Marinated Duck Foie Gras Pâté (P590)

Dining at a French restaurant would be incomplete without any foie gras dish, and this lovely starter of Rougié Sarlat foie gras pâté is enhanced by the cumin flavored dried fruits and cognac honey it comes with. Spread the duck liver pâté generously on top of the melba toast, drizzle a little honey, smear some dried fruits, put into your mouth, close your eyes, savor the melding of sweet and savory, then sigh. Repeat.

L'entrecote The Real Original Swiss Cheese Fondue
The Real Original Swiss Cheese Fondue (P1,560)

Before completely losing oneself in that stellar foie gras starter (caveat: I may be biased as I really do love almost anything foie gras), remind yourself to make room for an equally---if not more---magnificent course: Swiss Cheese Fondue. I was initially puzzled to learn it was good for two when by the sheer size of it, it looked as if it could feed a party of five. The sharp fragrance of cheese immediately intoxicates, and you'll instantaneously be compelled to poke a piece of bread and drown it into that glorious melted Swiss cheese. A trace of liqueur is noted due to the Kirsch (cherry brandy) imbued within. For the second time that day, I found myself unable to stop getting more than my fair share, manners and courtesies temporarily forgotten, pleasantries temporarily halted. Now I understand why it's stated as "good for two".

L'entrecote Stroganoff and Rosti Tower
Stroganoff (P395) and Rösti Tower (P445)

L'entrecote Crispy French Duck Leg Confit
Crispy French Duck Leg Confit (P880)

Moving onto the mains, worthy of note is the Stroganoff with tender slices of beef brushed with paprika sauce on a bed of noodles filled with mushrooms, gherkins (pickled cucumbers), and onions. A little sour cream is doused on top for a nice finish. The spiciness lent by the paprika sauce will keep you reaching for another bite. The Duck Leg Confit has the expected crisp duck skin guaranteed to instigate a fight for the last piece. The fall-off-the-bone meat it hides whispers of roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, orange chutney and espelette (red chili pepper).

L'entrecote Steak-Frites
L'entrecôte Steak Frites (P1,090)

Of course, it would be futile to visit L'entrecote without ordering the very dish they are famous for -- Steak Frites. US Choice Sirloin steak sit sliced on a metal platter over a stainless steel stand with tea candles underneath to keep it warm. The big hunk of a meat is drenched in their Secret Herb Butter sauce made complicated by more than a dozen elements incorporated into it. And the fries---crisp, slimmer than usual---are best eaten smothered with that special sauce.

The beef slices are tender, a bit chewy, and succulent. It may not rival some of Manila's best steaks, but it is still delicious nonetheless. Swipe it some more with that butter herb sauce, and go munch on more of those fries, they're unlimited. This dish is usually served with mixed green salad and walnuts drizzled with their house dressing, or you can upgrade it to the Geneva, which includes an additional glass of house wine and their signature dessert. They also have other types of steak: Certified Angus Rib Eye, Certified Angus Tomahawk Rib Bone, Certified Angus Tenderloin, etc. which you can have with their fries and the same secret herb butter sauce or maybe opt to pair it with their other sidings and sauces.

L'entrecote dessert collage
Clockwise from top left: L'entrecôte Signature Iced Vacherin Cake (P180); Moulleux Au Chocolat (P240); Profiteroles Au Chocolate (P190); Cream Cheese Mousse Cake (P220)

For dessert, there is a variety. You can start with their Signature Iced Vacherin Cake made with Orange Grand Marnier and caramelized walnuts, cool enough to end the savory part of your meal and prepare you for the sweet ending. There's the profiteroles with vanilla ice cream, though I personally prefer the chocolate molten volcano ensconcing a treasure of oozing chocolate with just the perfect viscosity. And for that last bite, go for the Cream Cheese Mousse Cake on a rich salted caramel sauce.

L'entrecôte Manila
Spot: Unit A Bellagio 2 Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig
Contact No.: 856.4858
Facebook: lentrecotemnl
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