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FRM Bites: Caffé Bene

FRM Bites: Caffé Bene

Sunday, January 19, 2014

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A welcome oasis after walking and walking and walking and...

I had noticed a cafe in SMX the last time I was here, but since the book fair had food booths inside, and I was too busy hoarding all the books I could get, I wasn't able to even take a peek. This time, I was with my mom, my brother, his girlfriend and our cousin, and once the irritation started bubbling up because of hunger, with no food stalls at the second floor in sight, I suddenly remembered that cafe just to the side of SMX's entrance.

Caffé Bene sounded familiar, then it dawned on me that it was this cafe from Korea. Looking at the cozy ambiance, I was suddenly just focused on getting something to eat and lounging around their quaint little setting of wooden furniture and bookshelves.

Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee (P150)

I wanted some coffee, but since I was tired, I wanted something cold as well so I opted for this Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee, which I found better than Starbucks' version.

Clubhouse Sandwich (P200)

To say I was hungry was an understatement; my stomach had been growling even before we arrived at SMX that afternoon. The copious booths were able to distract me for a while, though, and since we had plans of eating dinner, my mom and I decided to just share a Clubhouse Sandwich. There were only three little triangle pieces so in my mind, I was screaming for my missing 4th piece. My mom yielded, and gave me two, and then proceeded to munch on some of their chocolate crinkles. Anyway, the sandwich was pretty good; a slice of ham, cheese, omelette, greens, smeared with some honey mustard sort of dressing managed to appease my whining stomach. At the very least, this snack enabled me to once again snake my way through the large halls sans the frown.

One of my cousins told me that their Cream Cheese Gelato was pretty good, too. I gotta try that next time.

Spotted: SMX Convention Center

FRM Bites: A background...

What happens to my short reviews of varied food finds? They are merely left to be seen by my Facebook and Instagram followers, but what then of my blog readers?

As I pondered these questions, I decided to include these short reviews on this blog itself so that these little food gems may see the blogosphere's light of day. Short and may or may not be sweet, FRM Bites is all about that particular food I had one afternoon---one I used to deem too short for an official blog post---or a new dish at a restaurant I've already blogged about, or maybe that supermarket find that's just too good to pass up.

Either way, FRM Bites will be a delicious (or literally not) addition to this blog. Feel free to leave a comment or maybe suggest a similar fare that may be better than what I've raved or ranted about.
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