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Pancakes and Kitayama Wagyu at Malcolm's Deli

Pancakes and Kitayama Wagyu at Malcolm's Deli

Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Of burgers, steaks, and pancakes...

Malcolm's Deli collage

Before I even had the chance to visit Malcolm's Deli, they've renovated the place. I have no idea what it looks like before, though gazing at it for the first time, I'm reminded of a gentlemen's club with its all dark wood and leather (made from skin of Wagyu cattle) interiors -- with a deli, that is.

They have these upright chillers filled with various rare finds: house made buttermilk, jars of flavored cheese, Fog City Creamery ice cream, and Kitayama Wagyu beef. Choose your preferred cut, and you can have them cook and serve it to you for the retail price of the meat plus a minimal fee---P175 if I'm not mistaken---for preparing it for you.

They have shelves lined with interesting products, most of which are locally made. I spy chocolates from Theo and Philo, premium Fililpino beers and juices, and bags of coffee beans. There are savory delicacies like crab paste, shrimp paste, atchara or pickled papaya, and bottled fish in oil. The Solaris sea salt catches my eye, and I'm immediately intrigued. I scan the different variants before my lingering look moves on to the shelf filled with wine and hard liquor. After perusing all these unusual goods, I settle down for coffee. It is mid morning after all.

Malcolm's Deli Cafe Amadeo Coffee

I'm a coffee aficionado, I'm not a coffee addict. There's a difference. While I do enjoy drinking a cup or two, I don't depend on it like a drug to keep me awake or whatever it is that it's badly needed for. There are some I like more than others, some I have etched deep in my heart, but more often than not, I will drink it; always on that hunt to add more to my growing list of favorites.

Here the coffee is Cafe Amadeo, proudly Philippine made, more specifically in Cavite. The rich taste does not leave bitter nor acidic notes, instead, it's what I usually look for in a cup: medium roast that's balanced, and makes you think of coffee and not tea.

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Buttermilk anything is good, really good -- if you know how to use it. Case in point: Kettle's Buttermilk Fried Chicken and this... Malcolm's Buttermilk Pancakes. While the size and quantity is not of the familiar "two or three huge stacks peppered with powdered sugar", its reputation for being thick and fluffy remains. They have decreased in size, but increased in number, fortunately having no bearing to the overall experience that is a sweet morning in the clouds.

Sliced fruits, nuts and dried oatmeal litter the plate, lending texture to the pillow soft consistency of the flapjacks. The airy whipped cream slowly slides down to the side, melting over the warm golden crust of the pancake. That day they had three available syrup flavors: maple, blueberry, and strawberry. Maple being the usual maple, I only alternated between the berries. There is a clear winner, though, and strawberry seems to be the unanimous vote across the table. They make these themselves, and sorry, but they won't let you in on the secret.

This is how all pancakes should be made, and if you ever feel like attempting to create one at home, they sell bottles of their buttermilk batter. I only wish they sell bottles of their strawberry syrup, too.

Malcolm's Deli Chicken Skin Cracklings

Chicken Skin Cracklings is a bad thing, not that that has managed to stop me from eating it before. In between bites though, they mentioned something about it being baked instead of fried, thus a somewhat healthier version if there ever was one. Crisp, crunchy, all without being oily, each piece does not need the spiced vinegar it comes with.

Malcolm's Deli Carbonara Romano

The Carbonara Romano is a pretty good rendition of the classic, but with a certain distinct taste we all had a hard time identifying. The golden yolk is always a nice touch, embracing each creamy strand with that superb egg taste. The chef won't divulge the secret ingredients, just letting us know that there are only six.

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Burger

Burgers, for the most part, do nothing for me. I'd take steaks over them any hour of the day, any day of the week. There's just something about this particular Kitayama Wagyu Burger that compelled me to take more bites than I initially planned. For one thing, it's seasoned with only salt and pepper. Even then, it's one of the best tasting burger patties I've come across. Moreover, no binders are used, and yet they manage to stay intact through every bite.

My only complaint was that the burger is too big for my mouth, what with all the trimmings and bacon stuck in between. You can just imagine how I was forced to bid goodbye to ladylike manners under the circumstances.

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Burger cross section
Take a look at that juicy cross section!

Malcolm's Deli Crispy Fried Beef Ribs

Oh don't let this bad boy's tough act fool you. The Crispy Fried Beef Ribs is deceivingly tender, you just melt in awe with it. The alternating meat and fat is divine, and one must not forget the sauce, which is simply too good to pass up.

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Steak Striploin Cut 2

Sitting on a wooden board is a handsome hunk of Kitayama Wagyu Steak Striploin Cut. This gorgeous beauty is amazingly tender while thick, its marbling of fat giving a hypnotic flavor that keeps your senses glued to the piece of meat gracing your tongue.

Malcolm's Deli Solaris Sea Salt

On top are onion quills, but I'd rather sprinkle a tiny amount of Solaris sea salt. And with such powerful flavor, tiny is all you need. There are three available variants---Rosemary, Herb Garden, and Chili Pepper---all exceptional, I ended up unable to choose a favorite, hence alternating each bite between the three.

Malcolm's Deli Kitayama Wagyu Steak Striploin Cut
Go ahead, take a closer look...

This is one of those meals where every single thing I had was really good. So whether you're looking for a nice brunch place in BGC or hankering for some fantastic Wagyu beef, do drop by at Malcolm's Deli. You won't regret it.

Malcolm's Deli
Spot: Ground Floor Fairways Tower, 5th Avenue corner McKinley Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact No.: 556.3188
Facebook: MalcolmsOfficial
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