Lazada Philippines
September 2008

Earn Additional Passive Income

Monday, September 1, 2008

"The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work."

- Rich Dad (The Business School
For People Who Like Helping People
by Robert Kiyosaki)

With all the living expenses increasing continually, a household cannot depend on a single source of income any longer. Lots of families are now looking into more ways wherein they can generate additional income. Some have resorted to the internet, setting up weblogs that generate income from ads or sponsored posts, and selling stuff online using Multiply or E-bay as tools. Others, on the other hand, have tried direct selling and network marketing.

A lot of people have apprehensions in joining direct selling and network marketing companies. First of these is the fear of selling. Unfortunately, many people perceive salesmen as conniving, sleazy, and one who will tell you anything just to make a sale. While some salesmen may have traits as such, not all are bad though. There are still plenty out there who genuinely want to share with you products and services that they believe will help you in one way or another. It is very disheartening that the bad, rotten apples taint the image of the good ones.

Thus, the idea of selling becomes mistakenly associated with fooling or deceiving people, hence, no one wants to do it. What one fails to realize is that every single one of us sells something everyday. Not only does selling involve products or services, selling can also include thoughts and ideas and even yourself. When you try to convince people, that is selling your idea. When you apply for a job, that is selling yourself. When a guy woos a girl or when a child whines and nags about a toy that he wants, they are also in a way, selling. Great speakers are also sellers as they sell their ideas and knowledge to the audience. As we try to ingest that selling is a part of our daily lives, hopefully we will look at selling in a new and positive light.

Another apprehension is the fear of being lured into a pyramid scheme company instead of a legitimate network marketing company. Lots of news over the years about pyramiding scams have instilled doubt in people whenever someone approaches them about networking, even if they are legitimate. Moreover, because of these negative news which have affected even the true network marketers, many misconceptions have formed in people's minds about how networking works and if you can really earn money from it.

Direct selling and network marketing companies, at least those that are true and legitimate (you can check your country's Securities and Exchange Commission if they are registered and your local Direct Selling Association or similar organizations if they are listed as valid companies), are very useful vehicles in generating additional income. If utilized properly, these businesses can be tools for you to earn passive income and gain you and your family the time and financial freedom you dream about and deserve.
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