Revisiting Podium After 5 Years (Part 1: Living Well)

Revisiting Podium After 5 Years (Part 1: Living Well)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's been years since I've last been to the Podium in Ortigas. Mainly because there's not much shops to go around. Another thing, it's too far a mall to go visit, when the stores located there can also be seen somewhere else. Anyway, my mom saw a magazine feature on Living Well Homestore so we decided to traverse the EDSA traffic and check out the place. The homestore carried lots of items, from living room decor, bathroom accessories, beddings and pillows (Sleep Care) to dining sets, cookware and baking needs (mostly Gourdo's stuff). There were also Christmas decorations, some children's books and stuffed toys. Sadly, we walked out of the store empty handed because my mom couldn't find the item she had liked in the magazine article. Walking around the Podium, scouring for my favorite stores but failing to find them, it suddenly dawned on me... I knew there was a reason I hadn't been back in years. And the thought of not coming back for a long time did not seem entirely remote.

Living Well Homestore
Spot: Level 3, The Podium
Telephone: +632 638.9590


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