Revisiting Podium After 5 Years (Part 2: Delifrance Lunch)

Revisiting Podium After 5 Years (Part 2: Delifrance Lunch)

Friday, November 28, 2008

We headed down to Delifrance for lunch. My mom ordered the Tuscan Pepper Shrimp Pasta (P195) and the Red Grape with Whipped Cream shake (P120). The pasta was a bit spicy, but it's got a nice, delicious flavor fit for the shrimp viand. The grape shake was yummy, at least according to my mom (I didn't get to take a sip, she finished the whole thing before I had the chance).
Delifrance tuscan pepper shrimp
Delifrance red grape shake
I opted for the Beef Lasagna (which proved to be a poor choice) and iced tea (P220). The lasagna was a little bland, nothing special, lacking in taste. It even looked dry and unappealing. The iced tea was good though, the syrup lends a sweet aftertaste, leaving you thirsting for more.
Delifrance beef lasagna
Delifrance iced tea
If you want to give your family and friends some treats from Delifrance this Christmas, just log on to to send them gift coupons through e-mail, which they can then print out and present to selected Delifrance branches. You can also send one to yourself to claim your own Christmas treat. This promo runs until December 7, 2008.

Spot: Ground floor, The Podium
Telephone: +632 687.1608


Kat - The Mom Of 4 Boys said...

When I used to do doula work (birth support) in Singapore, the only food option at the hospital I worked at was Delifrance. When my clients were having long labors, I'd take breaks at Delifance, eating Brie sandwiches and drinking mint tea. I did it often enough to turn me off Delifrance forever. I prefer Au Bon Pain.

entrepgirl said...

here we don't have Au Bon Pain, only Delifrance and Le Couer de France.

Anonymous said...

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Kat - The Mom Of 4 Boys said...

Oh I didn't know that! I always thought there was Au Bon Pain in Manila. hi hi hi

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i was disappointed when i tried one of their sandwiches.

but i like their buns/ pastries! yummy coffee bun and choco almond biscotti.

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