Another Trip to Salcedo Market

Another Trip to Salcedo Market

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I thought, since it was a long vacation, Salcedo Market would be closed. I was craving for Tinapa Rice. I decided to try my luck, I called up Ninak, trying to see if they were gonna be open December 27. No answer. Called up my cousin who lived near the food market, she said it was indeed open and so I left a message, telling my suki to reserve 3 orders of Tinapa rice for me. Luckily on the way over, she replied that she already had the food waiting for me. Goody!
Salcedo tinapa rice
I proceeded to Ninak as soon as I arrived and got my patiently waiting brunch. I then carried on to the next stall in my list of food staples. As I walked mindlessly around, my hands holding tight bags full of food, I began to take note of other gastronomic delights that I wanted to try for the next weekend. I already tried 3 different Lasagnas (P300) from La Cuisine, plus their Short Ribs (P300), but I have yet to try their chicken and baby back ribs.
Salcedo La Cuisine bw

Salcedo la cuisine food
Then there was also Picole frozen yogurt on stick, raved on by a friend. Seeing as I couldn't get home right away, I could not risk buying and letting the sun's heat melt the frozen goodness inside my car.
Salcedo Picole
Then there was also the fruit shake recommended by my cousin. I wasn't able to get one, seeing as I had no more available hand to hold the drink out for me. Oh well, there's always next Saturday.
Salcedo fruit shakes bw

Salcedo fruit shakes


Rocky said...

hi :) im sorry about this but I was hoping on catching you in a good mood and ask for an exchange of links :) whatever your response im thankful :)

Rocky said...

done :) thank you so much

Admin said...

all your food pics makes me drool, ganda ng mga shots buhay na buhay as in parang ready nang kainin :)

entrepgirl said...

thanks! very glad for the appreciation! :)

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