Food: The Centerpiece for Any Celebration


Want to find out what's good and what's not? Join me as I taste, eat and savour Manila's food, and give you my unbiased opinion on eats and treats around the Metro.

Food: The Centerpiece for Any Celebration

Friday, December 26, 2008

Since it's a time for feasts and festivities, I would just like to dedicate this post to the thing that bonds families and friends during the holidays... good old food. Let me run through my 10 favorite food shots taken by my Sony Cybershot, and hopefully in the near future, I can compare these with photos taken by my soon-to-be-owned (wishing, wishing) Nikon D80 and Canon 1000D.

Added Note: These are all raw shots, no post-processing done...

10. Tempura California Maki
cali maki

9. Super Bowl Almond Jelly
Super Bowl almond jelly

8. TGI Friday's Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadilla
TGIF Quesadilla 2

7. Delifrance Tuscan Pepper Shrimp Pasta
Delifrance tuscan pepper shrimp

6. KopiRoti Kopi Bun
KopiRoti kopi bun

5. Super Bowl Prawn Crackers
Super Bowl kropek

4. TGI Friday's Chili Grilled Chicken Breast
TGIF Chili grilled chicken breast

3. Delifrance Red Grape with Whipped Cream Shake
Delifrance red grape shake

2. Dulcinea Churros Con Chocolate
Dulcinea churros con chocolate

1. Las Paellas Oysters Rockefeller
Las Paellas oysters
Please, please, I'd love to hear your favorites too. Or if you saw something else, a better food shot from all my other previous posts, please let me know.


abelle | Only in Silence said...

Sana you included the price. Matagal na din ako hindi nakaka-visit uli sa Friday's. My husband is coming home in April and I want to take him to somewhere na masarap ang pagkain ;o)

entrepgirl said...

oh, these are only pics from my previous posts. for its prices in TGI Friday's, you could check out my post about it...

onyxx said...

suddenly i'm remembering all the calories i have happily piled on these past few days :) advance happy new year

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