Food Trips (Part 4: Super Bowl of China)

Food Trips (Part 4: Super Bowl of China)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Super Bowl of China is up next on the Food Trips series. Every meal starts with prawn crackers served to pacify any hunger brewing or merely a way for the mouth to while away the time spent waiting for the appetizer or main course.
Super Bowl kropek
More often than not, we order the Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood (P240 +SC). Crispy fried egg noodles smothered with cuttlefish, boneless fish fillet, shrimp, other seafood, mixed vegetables and mixed mushrooms in a clear, light seafood sauce. I love the way the crispness of the noodles is tamed by the sauce, and the flavor is quite good. Sometimes though, it could be a tad bit salty, but I'm guessing it's more due to the chef than of the pegged standard recipe.
Super Bowl noodles
There were a few new dishes on the menu so we opted to give the Crispy Mandarin Chicken (P179 +SC) a try. Juicy, boneless chicken fillets fried to a golden brown crisp, doused in a light and mildly spiced Chinese Sauce, and served with Taiwan Petchay on the side. A bit disappointing this one is. The chicken depends solely on the sauce for its flavor, and not even a good one at that. Take away the sauce and you have a bland, plain chicken, unworthy of a second helping. The only thing I liked about it is the crunchy chicken skin, though it does not make up for the overall lack of flavor at all.
Super Bowl mandarin chicken
My favorite dessert would be the Mango Sago (P80) which sadly they didn't have at that time and so I settled for the Almond Jelly with Mixed Fruits (P70) instead. It was nice, nothing special though, just the typical almond jelly of your typical Chinese restaurant. Still, it served a good finish to the meal. Another dessert to try is their Taho (P70). It's good for four people and the sweet, brown sauce is better than the taho street vendors'.
Super Bowl almond jelly


nica said...

i love their peking duck but they took it out na from the menu, kainis. yun lang yung inoorder ko before eh.

irel said...

Merry Christmas!!!

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