Hanging Out in the Milky Way

Hanging Out in the Milky Way

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And I don't mean the Galaxy. Nor the chocolate bar. Milky Way is a restaurant and take-out counter that serves good, home-style Filipino cooking. They offer high quality food in take-away packages and provide home cooked fare that has been frozen and packed in microwaveable containers or vacuum packaging.

For those that have been a frequent visitor of my blog since its inception, you would gather from my posts that I can't cook to save my life. In our home, if -- take note, it's IF not when -- someone's buzzing around the kitchen, it's my hubby and not me. That's why food markets and take-out counters are really my life savers.

Milky Way has a great number of food choices. There's the already cooked Filipino dishes like BBQ Pork Spareribs (P180) -- I love this one, the fat tastes great, the sauce is sweet, the meat is very tender, worth every peso; Dinuguan (P85) -- another favorite, light on the sauce with a tiny hint of chili; Laing (P75) -- I always have to get two orders of this coz my hubby also loves it, one just isn't enough for the two of us. There's also Menudo, Korean Beef Spareribs, Paksiw na Lechon, Beef Caldereta, Sinigang sa Miso, Sinigang na Baboy, Bistek Tagalog and a whole lot more. Sometimes, you have to ask them if a particular dish is available because they can't display everything at once, the other meals are stored away.
Milky Way 007
Then there's also the frozen goods like Beef Tapa, Longanisa, Embutido, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pork BBQ, Tocino, Rellenong Bangus, Siomai, and many more. Just re-heat it in the microwave oven and you're good to go.
Milky Way 006

Milky Way 005
They also have preserves and native delicacies, my favorite of which is the Dikiam na Mangga (P200). It's sweeter than the regular Burong Mangga (P160). Both goes great with Pork Spareribs, Longanisa or Beef Tapa.
Milky Way 004
Other selections are the salads and sandwiches, cold pastas and desserts. All these come at very affordable prices but you have be ready with cash as they don't accept credit cards.
Milky Way 002

Milky Way 001
Milky Way
Spot: Ground floor, Rockwell Power Plant, Makati
Telephone: +632 756.5026


ms. foodie said...

my family loves eating at milky way, i love their halo-halo :D

would you mind exchanging links with me? i will add your link now, please drop by when you have time. thanks


Sherry said...

OMG food again :) hehe.. I am going to follow your blog.

ms. foodie said...

thanks for adding me :)

happy weekend.

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