Power Food Finds at the Power Plant (Part 1: Pepper Lunch)

Power Food Finds at the Power Plant (Part 1: Pepper Lunch)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I finally got to try Pepper Lunch and I love it! We arrived early to avoid the line that usually forms in front, evidenced by the queue barrier post as seen in the picture below.
Pepper Lunch facade
It's kind of a high-end fast food joint, it being semi self-service. You get in line for your orders, the computer monitor shows you your bill, then you pay with cash or credit card.
Pepper Lunch bill
The crew assigns you a table number (usually you get to choose if there are hardly any customers, which is rarely) then you go off and wait for your food. The seats are comfortable with soft leatherette pillows, nice for lounging around or resting off your full tummy after the meal.
Pepper Lunch interior
I ordered one of their bestsellers, the Beef Pepper Rice (P198) with drinks (P235). Though with a lot of freshly ground black peppers (obviously), the taste is just right, not in the least bit overdone. A little bit oily, but still delicious. It's quite filling too, it's sort of feeling that you're well beyond satiated but you can't seem to stop yourself from finishing the whole thing.
Pepper Lunch beef
Pepper Lunch iced tea
How To Enjoy a Pepper Rice Meal:
1. When served, turn the meat over and over to cook, while the plate is still hot.
2. Then cut the meat into smaller pieces. Pour some sauce (you can choose between honey brown sauce or garlic soy sauce -- I like the Honey Brown sauce).
3. Then mix it up with the rice and corn. Voila! Bon Appetit!
Pepper Lunch collage H big
There's also the Salmon Pepper Rice (P275) with drinks (P312). The salmon is a bit dry though, so I suggest putting more sauce. Other meat options for the pepper rice are pork, chicken and curry beef.
Pepper Lunch salmon
Pepper Lunch orange juice
Besides the pepper rice, they also offer steaks, hamburgers and a combination of meats, ala carte or with rice and drinks. My mom tried the Pork and Chicken Combo (P250) with rice and drinks (P320). It was ok, but I think the endearing factor of the restaurant's concept is the mix of the special pepper rice with the viands so our vote still goes to the Beef Pepper Rice.
Pepper Lunch pork & chicken
Pepper Lunch
Spot: Ground floor, The Concourse, Power Plant, Rockwell Center, Makati
Telephone: +632 895.6185
Pepper Lunch logo


Shalum said...

this is a very helpful post! i haven't tried it yet. maybe soon :) thanks :)

Shalum said...

hi! sure!

onyxx said...

hmm... looks yummy. do they have non-spicy variants (too bad i don't go much for spicy food)

Sherry said...

where is this restaurant? I dont know the address you put up too. P is Peso? I mean the money term

entrepgirl said...

yup, Peso. it's in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. :)

Modern Mom said...

Congratulations! You have been given the Fabulous Blog award. Please grab it here.


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

I haven't tried Pepper Lunch, Makati seems so far from QC, hehe...

Anyway, check out my post about Red Mango. A new frozen yogurt place. =)


Alem said...

you have to be careful in cooking your food as the heat in the pan will cause the meat to be overcooked.

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