Heaven Came in 30 Thin Packages

Heaven Came in 30 Thin Packages

Monday, February 23, 2009

What can I say, it really is addicting. Royce' that is. 'Maybe it's a phase' hopes my logical left side of the brain (it better be, everyone's penny pinching, stop splurging on the sweets... plus think of all the calories). 'Stop worrying about it, just enjoy the artistic creation that delights the palate' my creative right side of the brain replies (it's worth every penny anyway).

So the right side wins, and I again find myself purchasing a different selection. This time, I try the Prafeuille Chocolat (P540). It comes in Caramel, Honey and Coffee.
Royce' prafeuille chocolat
I chose the Caramel. The box comes with 30 individually wrapped thin, square bars of chocolates. As you take a bite, a shot of caramel oozes out. For something with caramel, it isn't sickeningly sweet at all. And the thinness of the chocolate makes you crave for more. I was halfway through the box when I remembered I have to leave some for my mom lest I want to pick a fight (hmm.. what's a fight compared to these little, thin heavenly bites? kidding mom!).
Royce' prafeuille chocolat inside
Spot: R3 Rockwell Center, Power Plant Mall
Telephone: +632 492.5051

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mrslavendula said...

that looks so yummy! conveniently i just finished my box of royce potatochip chocolate and will be going to rockwell this evening...hmmm...

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