Elfav-ulous Hangout

Elfav-ulous Hangout

Sunday, April 12, 2009

There's a quaint little ice cream shop in Pergola Mall of BF Homes where homemade ice cream and a homey atmosphere pretty much makes up its attraction to the locals. 10 minutes of ice cream isn't a sufficient excuse to lounge around, but having rice meals, games & puzzles and free WiFi are.
Elfav interior
The good thing is, a few of their flavors are quite unique and very much for the legal aged folks. They have Tequila Rose, Bailey's and you'd never guess... Beer (P60)! I must admit I haven't tried their Beer though I am curious as to its taste. I've always love Bailey's and Tequila Rose cocktails and so I chose to try the two first which very much taste like so. Not surprising considering the 3% and 10% alcohol content warning printed on the ice creams' labels.
Elfav ice cream 2
Elfav ice cream
Not only do they have ice cream but they also offer a selection of rice meals mostly for P99, which already includes a drink and a shot glass of your favorite ice cream. Pretty neat huh? While waiting for lunch to arrive, you can play with board games and puzzles available in some tables. There's chess, dominoes, tic-tac-toe and Acrobatz Monkeys (which I've yet to try).
Elfav chess
Elfav human pyrmamid
I ordered the Grilled Liempo with Iced Tea (P99). While it isn't the finest of it I've tasted, it's filling nonetheless and it serves the purpose. For that price, I'd be willing to have it a go next time around. Don't get me wrong, it is good, no gourmet stuff here but it's still pretty good.
Elfav rice
Elfav spareribs
Their iced tea has a homemade flavor. Not a big fan of it though.
Elfav iced tea
Their specialty really is in their homemade ice cream. For my shot glass of freebie, I got the Bailey's and was contemplating on ordering an extra scoop. My daughter wanted the Bubblegum (P40) flavor with star candy sprinkles (P10). It was yummy as well, makes you really feel like a kid.
Elfav baileys
Elfav bubblegum
It's a nice place to hang out, the free internet access is not so bad either. And the crew won't let you feel that you have exceeded your stay.

Elfav Ice Creamery
Spot: 2nd Floor Pergola Mall Aguirre Ave. Phase 1 BF Homes, Paranaque
Telephone: +632 659.3025


Shalum said...

cool! beer flavor? maybe i should take husband there!:)

anya said...

the ice creams all look delish, sana lang may ibang branch, layo ng Paranaque sa amin eh :(

goodfor2 said...

nice place, their ice cream could use a little improvement though

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