Red Kimono - A Japanese Treat

Red Kimono - A Japanese Treat

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Kimono Prawn Tempura
We have found a better alternative to Teriyaki Boy and Tempura! Think Japanese resto and visions of california maki, tempura and sukiyaki immediately come to mind. Red Kimono brings on their scrumptious version of these dishes, and more.

Red Kimono interior
Always we would pass by Red Kimono but we've not considered trying out the place (read About Me page to understand why). It was either Tempura or Teriyaki Boy should we have a craving for Japanese food. Walking inside the restaurant, the place had a cozy, structured feel, with its dimmed lights and linear interior design.

Red Kimono dining table
I hurriedly sat at the table and took the menu from the waiter. My eyes scanned downwards while my brain simultaneously made mental notes of the descriptions that grabbed my interest.

Red Kimono California Maki
I was contemplating on whether to try a different kind of maki but I figured I wanted to taste their California Maki (P165) and gauge if it's up to par with Tempura's. I must admit that the California Maki in Tempura is still my favorite, with the extra special mayo they pipe on top, although this comes as a close second. It wasn't dry because of the ample amount of mayo within the roll. Plus, I could taste the mango, the crabstick and the cucumber, quite the opposite of Teriyaki Boy's, which I really abhor, because the maki is about 80% rice and just 20% fillings.

Red Kimono Fillet of Cream Dory
Two words jumped out from the menu, waving wildly at my face, "dory" and "spinach". I knew then that I just had to try this Fillet of Cream Dory (P295). When my order arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see a well-plated dish, and immediately my appetite turned up a notch. And my first bite did not disappoint. The fish was delicate and well-cooked, and the drizzled sauce provided that sweet, pleasant finish. The sauteed spinach gave a hint of bitterness that gently curbed the flavors to achieve the right balance. And oh, the mashed potatoes. I usually don't like them and the only ones I find acceptable are those of Friday's and this an almost perfect replica. The texture and the flavor of the potatoes gave even more depth to the dish, and so I happily degusted this wonderful entree.

Red Kimono Sukiyaki
The Sukiyaki (P215) is also a family favorite. It's filled with Australian beef, noodles, veggies, shiitake mushrooms and tofu. There's a border of a difference between sweet and savory, but somehow, this dish managed to dance on that ledge of equilibrium. Let me say this, my mom would not allow us to have more than one serving in a small bowl each, lest we take more than our share and leave her with none.

Red Kimono Sizzling Tofu Steak
The Sizzling Tofu Steak (P185) was delicious though I was expecting more generous portions of the ingredients. Try drenching the tofu with the sauce and you get to appreciate the flavors on the plate. I was looking for the asparagus as stated in the menu (I was even hoping for some luscious asparagus spears), but the greens on the sizzling plate look like they have seen better days. Other than that, it was still a good dish and a good entremet to other meat dishes.

Red Kimono Prawn Tempura 2
My requirement for tempura is simple. It should absolutely not taste like flour and only flour. Too much fried batter does that and that's the only drawback when eating at Tempura. And that's the only thing I love at Teriyaki Boy. So imagine my delight when one taste of the Prawn Tempura (P295) and I've got my dilemma solved. It's like Red Kimono gives us the best of both worlds. The fried batter was crispy and light, thus giving you the chance to appreciate the protein inside of it.

Red Kimono Mixed Fried Rice
Since the prawn tempura came as a la carte, we had to order the Mixed Fried Rice (P100) to make the dish heavier. It's Japanese fried rice mixed with bits of vegetables and meat, topped with a couple pieces of shrimp. The tactile property was luckily what I preferred, not sticky and yet not too dry.

Red Kimono Iced Tea and chopsticks
After that incredibly satisfying meal, I propitiously washed down everything with Bottomless Iced Tea (P75). Thank you Red Kimono, I'll be sure to come back again.


Pinx said...

i would really love to develop a palate and taste for japanese food. i love tempura and sushi though! thanks for dropping by my blog!

J said...

Mmmm... the fried rice looks soooo good! I will definitely try that resto pag pasyal ko sa Pinas!

Tetcha said...

That's one lovely Japanese restaurant that we should try, too! Everything looks sumptuous!

maiylah said...

haven't tried eating there yet...thanks for the review!
usually we eat at Kimono Ken, or Rai-Rai Ken. :D

Kitten said...

I saw your comment in my chatbox, visiting you now and liking your blog :)

As for red kimono, I love japanese food, their jap rice looks good, but wow, a bit pricey. hehe

Prudence said...

I love Tempura the best. Also Oki-Oki. But Oki-Oki is pricey. Now that I've read this post, I think I want to go out eat Japanese food. hehe.

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