Aling Teresing's Catering Services

Aling Teresing's Catering Services

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aling Teresing Chicken Lollipop
As far as I can remember, whenever my paternal clan had a gathering at one of our houses, you can be sure that the catering service is Aling Teresing's. If I'm not mistaken, we've been patronizing their food for over two decades, if not more.

Aling Teresing buffet
Just recently, for my daughter's birthday party, we had Aling Teresing as our caterer yet again. One thing that makes us repeat clients is that people who attend our gatherings always have one thing to say about the food. It's really great and delicious.

Aling Teresing Steamed Fish
I like their Steamed Fish. The whole fish is dredged in vegetable garnishing, which boosts the flavor of the whole dish. The acidity of the mayonnaise is a nice touch for a seafood meat that is usually bland in nature. Be careful of fish bones though, as you may miss it with all the colorful veggies crowding the plate.

Aling Teresing Lengua
Their Lengua is one of the best sellers. I usually don't like ox tongue, but they've made it so tender that it just feels like it's slowly melting in your mouth. While other lenguas I've tried have big, thick, chewy tongue meat, this has the subtlety and delicateness that makes you forget it's ox tongue. The abundance of mushrooms highlights the flavor, and the sauce is just blissfully creamy.

Aling Teresing Spare Ribs
Their Spare Ribs is another one of their hits. The soft, fall-off-the-bone pork soaked in sweet marinade when paired with the flavorful and juicy fat, gives off that perfect gustatory perception that will block your conscious mind of any shorter life span thoughts.

Aling Teresing Spaghetti
Now, I may be biased with the Spaghetti. If you've read one of my previous posts, you'll know that I am extremely partial to Pancake House's version. I'm not really fond of the homemade, sweet type so even if a lot of people say Aling Teresing's spaghetti is good, I just give a tight-lipped smile while thinking to myself "but it's not the best...". For me anyway.

Aling Teresing Chicken Lollipop 2
The Chicken Lollipop is popular with the kids. The seasoning is just right, not in the least bit salty, and the meat falls right off with just a little tug of the teeth. Other best sellers are Roast Beef that comes with Mashed Potatoes and the Lasagna.

You can contact Aling Teresing's Catering at (632) 851 2674. For four viands, rice, drinks and dessert, the price is about P240 per head. Not bad, right? Additional dishes go for P30-P40 per head. All this already comes with the buffet table plus you get to specify the color of the table cloth, so it goes with the theme of your party. She usually lends you two waiters, whose services cost P400 per server. They also offer bulk orders too, great for intimate gatherings or pot luck events. Just make sure you order in advance.


Gita Asuncion said...

thanks for sharing with us Aling Teresing and her contact info. ill surely keep it for future use. the food looks so great! nagutom ako just looking at the fotos!

angsarap said...

Nakakamiss ang mga kainang ganito. That lengua looks appetizing to bad I am not sure where to find it here in NZ

anney said...

Nakakapaglaway naman! Ok na din mura na din yan. Thanks for sharing!

lette's haven said...

Grabe nakakagutom naman :) Spare Ribs is the outstanding dish I think, I'm not a Lengua fan really. Thanks for sharing this to us! Does Aling Teresing's Catering has website to check on...?

Lette's Haven

peachkins said...

wow! the food looks really delicious!

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