Golden Spoon - Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Golden Spoon - Yogurt or Ice Cream?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Spoon frozen yogurts
With all the emerging brands of soft serve frozen yogurt available in the market like Yoh Froz, White Hat, Red Mango, Tutti Frutti, Lulu Belle, and CaliforniaBerry to name a few, what sets Golden Spoon apart from all of them?

Golden Spoon logo
One very important thing -- it tastes like ice cream. This is good news for all yogurt haters or ice cream lovers that want that healthy attribute in their frozen dessert.

Golden Spoon nutritional information
Yes, there is sugar that makes this yogurt sweet enough to taste like ice cream. Nevertheless, it still contains yogurt cultures that help replenish our systems with desirable bacteria. Hey, if I'm gonna indulge in some ice cream anyway, might as well have this instead. This makes for a better and healthier alternative to ice cream, which has even more sugar yet none of that bacteria stuff. Oh and did I mention that their yogurt are all non-fat?

Golden Spoon banner
Golden Spoon offers 50 flavors, but there's a catch. You don't get to sample all the 50 flavors right away. The amount of available variants depends on the size of their branches, the small ones usually offer about six flavors at a time, while the larger ones market about a dozen flavors. They change their selection every month, so you are enticed to go back once in a while to take a peek and try something new.

Golden Spoon menu board
I study the menu board and the crew who single-handedly mans the shop, suggests that we sample their products first. She hands us a tiny cup filled with Banana yogurt, then another one with Peanut Butter. They're the best sellers among the pack and we take her word for it.

Golden Spoon toppings
For the toppings, she recommended the hot fudge for the banana and the mallow creme for the peanut butter.

Golden Spoon toppings 2
There is a wide selection of toppings to choose from -- chocolates, candies, fruits, and nuts. But we decided to skip it this time to focus more on the yogurt flavors at hand. The hot syrup toppings were enough without the added distraction of the dry ones.

Golden Spoon cup and cones
You can opt to have your soft serve yogurt in a cup or in a cone. Cup is always a wise choice if you'd like to avoid a mess especially if you have added a smorgasbord of toppings in your dessert. You even get to eat with a "golden spoon" to boot.

Golden Spoon Banana with Mellow Hot Fudge
I first taste the Banana with Mellow Hot Fudge. There's a hint of sourness as you first take in the banana yogurt, which immediately transforms into the natural sweet taste of the fruit, almost as if just a tease of some sort. Then the mellow hot fudge oozes through your taste buds, transporting you to that sweet dessert heaven above. The fudgy syrup has achieved that difficult balance between too sweet and too bitter, just how I prefer my chocolate.

Golden Spoon Peanut Butter with Mallow Creme
Next I try the Peanut Butter with Mallow Creme. I've previously mentioned that I'm not a fan of peanut butter. And when the crew first handed me the sample, the bold taste of peanut butter made me pass and opt for the banana flavor instead. Admittedly though, when eaten with that mallow creme, the taste changed. The creme tamed the strong and distinct flavor of peanut butter, allowing you to wallow and immerse yourself in that fluffy and sweet combination of flavors for a while. It's almost hard to describe the sapidness and so I try to get another bite. No such luck, my mom won't let me have another. Note: She hates yogurt so this ice cream-like version has delighted her to the extent of limiting her generosity to just one spoonful for me. Til next time then, only if there aren't any new flavors available yet.


J said...

Looks good! I was actually thinking of the same thing after going to Yogurt Mountain... naisip ko "yogurt ba ito or ice cream?" LoL.

Guia Obsum said...

haha! makes you do a double take right? @[email protected]

Gita Asuncion said...

ive been wanting to try this... wala lang tyempo. but i will soon. sabi nga nila, it is the yogurt daw for ice cream lovers.

Kitten said...

thanks for the detailed review. I know someone who was bashing on red mango and white hat because the person hates yogurt, when it should taste like yogurt naman talaga.

I think my BF will like golden spoon because he doesn't really like yogurt that much.

The mallow creme looks yummy~

Guia Obsum said...

@gita: yup, for my mom to like, it's really good.

@kitten: i like both yogurt and ice cream so whenever i see red mango or white hat and i'm not full, i really buy a cup! :)

Kitten said...

good thing there's golden spoon in glorietta 5. I wish they sell like a gallon of yogurt, LOL!

mymy said...

another must-try for me and my kids! :)

dudut said...

Hi! here's me returning the favor :) thanks for visiting my blog!

i used to stay away from yogurt but after a few spoons from the sprouting yogurt stores in the metro, i begun to give them a second look and try to taste as many as I can...I like the yogurt from teriyaki boy, though :)

I will definitely visit your blog every now and then for inspiration on what restaurant to visit next time :)

again, thank you :)


Prudence said...

I didn't like Golden Spoon. Tasted more of an overly sweet ice cream for me. If I wanted ice cream, I still wouldn't have it. If I wanted yogurt, I'd go White Hat.

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