Re-exploring the Cafe Mediterranean

Re-exploring the Cafe Mediterranean

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cafe Mediterranean Moussaka
It has been years since we've last eaten at Cafe Mediterranean. Let's just say that we didn't particularly enjoy our last meal, hence the lack of recurring visits to the place. Maybe our palates have yet to develop a taste for Mediterranean cuisine. We finally decided to ascertain whether our taste buds have had a change of heart.

Cafe Mediterranean interior
The restaurant gave off a Mediterranean ambiance with its paintings that adorned the roughly finished white walls.

Cafe Mediterranean menu and tissue
I took my time scanning the menu. I found the dishes that I've tried previously and hurriedly redirected my eyes away from them. I thought it'd be fair to give Mediterranean a clean slate by ordering dishes that didn't attract unpalatable memories.

Cafe Mediterranean Pollo Al Rosmarino
First up, Pollo Al Rosmarino (P265), which, as the name suggests, is roasted chicken with rosemary. The chicken skin was flavorful enough, though the flesh could have used more moisture. It's usually served with pita but you can replace it with buttered rice for an additional P10.

Cafe Mediterranean Harrisa Pork Tenderloin
The Harrisa Pork Tenderloin (P275) was a bit sapid at best. The pork was tender with a hint of spiciness and the buttered rice (which is also an upgrade) is a perfect partner for the dish as it toned down the feisty flavor of the meat.

Cafe Mediterranean Grilled Beef Kebab
The Grilled Beef Kebab (P335) had that earthy flavor but the beef was a bit tough and rubbery. Fortunately the tabbouleh (the side salad of fresh herbs), which had a nice acidity, made up for the meat's dryness but sadly, it wasn't enough to score a repeat order.

Cafe Mediterranean sauces
You can try dipping the meat into their sauces if you find it dry. The brown sauce is the spicy one.

Cafe Mediterranean Moussaka 2
The Moussaka (P225) was really good. Ahh, the ace in the hole! The juxtaposition of ground beef and eggplant provided an utterly scrumptious bite. The eggplant could have had less oil but the bechamel sauce on top was sufficient enough to let that little detail slide. The only thing that prevented me from finishing off the dish was that I was too full from tasting all the food.

Cafe Mediterranean drinks
The Iced Tea (P75) and Mango Juice (P70) were uninspired. Nothing noteworthy but still they've served their purpose.

Perhaps more so because of our personal preferences rather than that of the chefs' skills with these particular dishes, we've come to the conclusion that currently, we still have yet to acquire a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine.


mrslavendula said...

I frequent cafe mediterranean but have never tried moussaka...i should during our next visit :) that looks so good! You should give their thin crust pizzas surprisingly good

J said...

Mmmm... we love mediterranean food. We have been to that resto once during a trip to Pinas... and yes, we loved the m'ssaka too!

Gita Asuncion said...

we have similar experiences with cafe mediterran... after that first visit, we never went back...

Guia Obsum said...

@gita: well, their moussaka is nice. actually their gyros - the shawarma like sandwiches - are pretty good too. that's why i wanted to try out other dishes in the first place. too bad, i didn't enjoy them as much. next time, i'll just order the gyros again. :)

Tetcha said...

We haven't tried Cafe Mediterranean, but if we happen to visit, we'll make sure we order the Moussaka. Thanks for this review!

[pinkc00kies] said...

the moussaka is interesting!! i like their hot sauce.. super hooooot!

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