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Mary Grace Ensaymada and Cheese Roll

Mary Grace Ensaymada and Cheese Roll

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mary Grace ensaymada and cheese roll
Mary Grace is a purveyor of arguably the best tasting ensaymada you can find in Manila.

Mary Grace stall
What used to be a mushroom-like booth sprouting at every bazaar or food event in Manila, has now turned into numerous pastry food kiosks and a chain of one of the coziest cafe restaurants in the Metro.

Mary Grace ensaymada glass case 2
Since the introduction of its flagship products, the ensaymada and cheese rolls, Mary Grace has churned out one pastry perfection after another. Brownies, lemon squares and food for the gods were added to the pastry list. Soon thereafter came the delectable apple pie, bursting with sweet cinnamon-coated baked apple slices, with crust crumbling down in surrender to a fork's impalement.

Mary Grace brownies

Mary Grace food for the gods

Mary Grace lemon orange chiffon

Mary Grace cakes glass case 2
The beautiful glass case holding a potpourri of mouth-watering cakes invites, delights and teases. Velvet cake, truffle cake, sansrival, tiramisu, chocolate mousse - all in unity with the goal to entice you and lure you into taking that first bite.

Mary Grace Ensaymada
But this post is a laudation for the Filipino delicacy exquisitely modernized by Mary Grace - the ensaymada (P55). Gingerly wrapped in wax paper emblazoned with Mary Grace's logo in gold, this ensaymada exudes the aroma of freshly baked sunshine. Gone is the de rigueur coil evident in the traditional kind; in its stead, a light and airy dough baked in butter, apparent in its glistening skin. I prefer to press it or weigh it down with my palms before opening, to preserve the encrusted Edam cheese on top. The finely grated quezo de bola seduces, and as your mouth closes down on it for the kill, the salty cheese tickles and then a hint of sweetness rushes in as you hear the faint crunch of the sugar that's hidden underneath. It's an experience meant to be savored. It is meant to comfort, to soothe, and pairing it with a mug of hot chocolate seals the deal.

Mary Grace Cheese Roll
The cheese roll (P35) does not fall far from the tree either. Just like its sibling, it has that light and airy texture, coated with glimmering sugar crystals atop the length of the roll. Best eaten when warm, the melt-in-your mouth cheese simply oozes and trickles down the inside of your mouth as you bite into the soft and moist roll.

Truly, one can never go wrong with these two chefs-d'oeuvre. With quality ingredients and just-baked freshness, Mary Grace's ensaymadas and cheese rolls are even great enough to give as gifts.

Mary Grace
Spot: Level 4, Shangri-La Mall (near Gingersnaps, in front of the escalator)
Contact No.: 393.4245


[pinkc00kies] said...

yummm! love their cheese rolls!! i wanna try their cakes

J said...

Mmmm... your description of the ensaymada made me crave for it...

Guia Obsum said...

@pinkcookies: try their apple pie too! :)

@J: I'm glad... :)

Gita Asuncion said...

truly the best ensaymada in town. pricey but definitely worth it. i havent tried their cakes, either. masubukan nga. :)

i love your shots... as ever!

Guia Obsum said...

thanks Gita! :)

angsarap said...

Wow, I just realized after reading this post that those prices are expensive P35 for a mamon, the last time I had mamon in the Philippines was at Goldilucks and it as P5. Prices now are so different.

madjewel said...

i love their cheese rolls = heaven goodness, but not the ensaymada = the cheese is overpowering, too strong for my taste..

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