Akiba Cafe - A Japanese Haven

Akiba Cafe - A Japanese Haven

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Akiba Cafe Nutty Macadamia Kohi
"Coffee, with sesame seeds?!" I asked...

Akiba interior and display
Walking around Megamall, I could feel the onset of another migraine episode. Scouting the area, I soon saw Coffee Experience, which to my dismay, couldn't serve any hot coffee because apparently, their machine broke down. I don't see any Starbucks or Seattle's Best anywhere so I went up a floor to try my luck, and finally saw a red panaflex signage with a picture of a steaming cup of coffee on it. My savior!

Akiba Cafe was unfamiliar to me, so I asked the crew for their best selling hot coffee. "Try our Nutty Macadamia Kohi, Ma'am. It's macadamia-flavored cappuccino with sesame seeds on top." Coffee, with sesame seeds?! But hey, what the heck, can't hurt to try. Besides, I was in no mood to peruse their menu as I felt my head throbbing with pain. I was eyeing their Green Tea Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie, but my replete stomach has prohibited me from consuming any more sweets.

Akiba Cafe Nutty Macadamia Kohi 2
The Nutty Macadamia Kohi (P115) was very light, which instantly painted images of BreadTalk's Japanese cheesecake in my mind. The nuttiness was more like a suggestion, and the flavor very faint. I could feel the sesame seeds seeping through my mouth, giving my teeth something to nibble on. I'm used to strong flavor additives in coffee whether it be caramel, mocha, raspberry or even peppermint, so this comes as really, really delicate. But it is a welcome change, kind of a safe haven, for me especially, from my chronic headache.

Akiba Cafe
Spot: 2nd Flr Megamall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: 975-0953
Facebook: facebook.com/akibacafe
Twitter: twitter.com/akibacafeph


mrslavendula said...

I saw this a couple of weeks ago, we'l give it a try next time were in megamall, looks interesting

angsarap said...

Thats something different and so Japanese, never tried coffee with sesame seeds yet

Tsinoy Foodies said...

I've heard of this and will try it out soon!

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