Green Tea Heaven from Royce'

Green Tea Heaven from Royce'

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Royce' Nama Maccha 2
This season, Royce' brings out the Maccha or green tea Nama Chocolate.

Royce' Nama
For a while now, I've had a long, engaging love affair with Royce' Nama Chocolates. It started almost 3 years ago, when they opened their first branch in Rockwell. Initially hesitant after seeing the exorbitant prices, the chocolate aficionado in me would not have forgiven myself had I walked on along, hands bare, after assaying the alluring colored boxes inside the display glass case. It took me a couple more minutes before I said goodbye to Ninoy and Roxas and extended my arm in anticipation of this intriguing delectable. One bite of that White Nama would prove to be expedient, as all concerns about steep prices instantaneously melted along with the chocolate inside my mouth.

Royce' Nama Maccha
Since then, I've had the delectation of engorging on other Royce' confections such as the Pure ChocolatePrafeuille Chocolat, Bar Chocolate, Petit Truffe and Chocolate Wafers. Though they're all worth their weight in gold, they still can't hold a candle to my ultimate favorite variety, the Nama, which uses fresh cream made from Hokkaido milk. A perennial flavor of choice would be the Champagne and another seasonal favorite is the Strawberry.

Royce' Nama Maccha 3
Blocks of indubitably the lushest and creamiest of chocolates you can buy in Manila ensconced in a flimsy quadrate plastic container stare brightly at me. The seasonal flavor in focus: Maccha. My heart skips a bit as feelings of desirousness start to consume me. It was a battle of wills, trying to restrain myself from grabbing a piece before I can achieve my perfect shot. A few more seconds and a couple of snaps later, I eagerly jabbed the plastic utensil into a single block of green chocolate enshrouded with equally green powder. I held it up against the light, scrutinizing each angle when I feel my pulse quicken in suspense. A gentle nibble allows me a cascade of velvety sweetness, with a vestige of that amiable green tea. Its silky smooth consistency screams opulence and how. This rich bonne bouche just literally melts in your mouth, intensifying feelings of lust, leaving you coveting for another box.


Stella said...

I love ROYCE!!!!! Nama (Mild Cacao & Milk Chocolate) is ultimate favorite. But to me, the BEST Nama variant is Gianduja (seasonal), which they sold when the first opened in 2009. I hope they sell it again :)

angsarap said...

Never had seen anything like this, looks interesting.

Guia Obsum said...

@Stella: Nama is really the best! I love how CREAMY the texture is; melt-in-your-mouth, close-your-eyes goodness! Haven't tried the Gianduja though, I do hope they sell it again so I can try it. :)

J said...

They don't sell Royce here in the US... :-(

peachkins said...

Oh gosh, I love Matcha! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today.

BTW, I take my photos in the morning when there's lots of natural light. I don't use any kinds of flash or light because it drowns out the color of the food. It's not an expert opinion, it's just what works best for me.

Thanks for the compliment, you inspire me.=)

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