Las Paellas - Time and Again
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Las Paellas - Time and Again

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Las Paellas Callos Madrilena 2
Las Paellas, we meet again...

Las Paellas menu and interior
My dad loves eating at Las Paellas, hence the numerous blog posts a few years ago. But it has been two years, I suppose it's high time that I give attention to it once more. Although paella is their flagship product, admittedly I still haven't tried theirs. I may like paella if one was served right in front of me, but for me to opt for the dish in lieu of other offerings would be highly unlikely.

Las Paellas Chicken Al Ajillo
It was quite a small serving, the Chicken Al Ajillo (P198), and I couldn't quite make out the taste. The chicken that was enshrouded with garlicky sauce, also had a hint of gravy-like (?) spice and an inkling of chili at the end. It would have been nicer if there were more meat rather than breading though.

Las Paellas Salpicao
Their take on Salpicao (P395 to share) was also on the garlicky side as with other Salpicao dishes but theirs was more subdued and lacked the briny taste that is apparent in others. The tender meat cubes are soaked in garlic sauce with garlic chips strewn all over. This atypical rendition would definitely be a treat for garlic lovers.

Las Paellas Fried Garlic Bangus
My dad ordered the Fried Garlic Bangus (P210). He usually orders the Pork Chop Andaluz (two pieces!), but he's been trying -the key word is trying- to cut back on meat intake as per doctor's orders. The fish was a bit on the crispy side; proof of its overstay in the pan would be its curled and hard tail, dry skin and slightly burnt edges. The meat near the belly was soft enough though not as succulent as we would have preferred.

Las Paellas Chicken Fingers
It's no surprise that my daughter loved their Chicken Fingers (P188). Slender strips of juicy chicken deep fried 'til golden brown, the meat was soft to the bite. The echoing crunch of the seasoned breading lent flavor to the poultry's vapidity, which was further enhanced by the tartar sauce. My daughter wouldn't stop chomping on it, while I surreptitiously took a strip for myself and dipped it furtively in the seasoned mayo.

Las Paellas Callos Madrilena
I have a predilection for Las Paellas' Callos Madrilena (P288). It's as cholesterol-loaded and sinful as a meat dish can get. Ox tripe and fat are stewed and drenched in very rich (and oleaginous) tomato sauce, with a slice of chorizo popping up on the surface. A forkful explodes with much flavor as the tender tripe easily breaks under the crushing bite of the molar. I souse some of the sauce on my rice, and every bite is sebaceous heaven. My mouth is currently watering as I recall the gustatory sensation, excuse me while I drool.

Las Paellas Canonigo
Las Paellas' version of Canonego (P118) - I'm not sure why they spell it as such, I'm more familiar with it spelled as Canonigo - is one of my favorite desserts because of its ample amount of rum that highlights the flavor of the cake. A veneer of translucent caramel tops a very light and fluffy meringue, with generous amounts of custard cream drizzling down the wedge's side, where it all meets in a sweet, alcoholic puddle on the pristine white plate.

Las Paellas does offer a lot of comfort food that is meant to be enjoyed by the family, with the family and as a family. With good food and good prices, it's a meal stop that will be in one's itinerary for generations to come.

Las Paellas
Spot: Promenade Entrance, Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang
Contact No.: 842-6919


angsarap said...

Wow that bangus made me crave for it all of a sudden.

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