Pinky's Goodies - Yummiest Bars in Town

Pinky's Goodies - Yummiest Bars in Town

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinky's Goodies assorted bars christmas box 2
Christmas is just around the corner. And what better way to show someone you care than having them bite into some delectable pastries like Pinky's goodies?

Pinky's Goodies signage
As you cruise along El Grande Ave. in BF Homes, Paranaque, you'd notice a large oval sign that hints of homemade delicacies -- those made with love, shielded from the coldness of mass-produced factory-made confections.

Pinky's Goodies banner
Pinky's Goodies boasts of delicious butterscotch bars in varied flavors -- impregnated with cashew nuts, mixed with mango bits, or infused with chocolate and even white chocolate.

Pinky's Goodies yema cookies and biscotti
Other delicacies for sale are sugary yema balls clothed in orange cellophane, cookies tainted with dates and walnuts, biscotti integrated with cranberry (ooh, makes me think of the upcoming holidays) and walnuts...

Pinky's Goodies polvoron and biscocho
Polvoron in plain yellow dresses and the cashew variant in red garments; biscocho strips in varying shades of brown...

Pinky's Goodies mamon tostado and meringue
Thinly sliced mamon toasted with creamy butter and undulated, sweet meringue as light as cream and dark as chocolate...

Pinky's Goodies Butterscotch Bars

Pinky's Goodies Assorted Bars
But their bestsellers remain to be their butterscotch bars and with good reason. Upon opening a single foil pack, you would get a whiff of sweetness gingerly preparing you for the good that is to come. A sink of the teeth is as easy as a pie, and a split second later, your mouth is bathed in a very moist, utterly chewy, dulcet square bar that elicits the closing of your eyes so as to focus all your senses in this single piece of heavenly creation. What comes next depends on the flavor you've picked out.

The Butterscotch Bar with Cashew Nuts provides tiny bits of crunchy texture cutting the sweetness quite masterfully. Dried mango bits are sporadically tucked away inside each Mango Butterscotch Bar as well as in the Choco Mango Butterscotch, albeit the latter has some extra saccharine flavor brought about by the chocolate. My favorite would have to be the White Choco Butterscotch with its tame mellifluous taste but with the same dampish consistency. Another yummy bar is the Food for the Gods, imbued with dates and walnuts that simply spell Christmas. Each luscious bite brings you closer to the holiday spirit -- and speaking of which...

Pinky's Goodies christmas box
Pinky's Goodies have elegant gift boxes, perfect for this season of giving.

Pinky's Goodies assorted bars christmas box
Pinky's Goodies
Spot: 361 El Grande Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque
Contact Nos.: 401.6649 or 799.4044 or 703.3266
Email: [email protected]


Gita Asuncion said...

ive tried their butterscotch! sooooo gooooood! it is reall something to rave about! got it as a christmas gift last year.

Guia Obsum said...

Hay Gita! You said it! I usually dont like fudge bars or brownies but these butterscotch are really good. And now I'm craving for some again. :) said...

I wanna try those butterscotch! I love that flavour

Kien Ignacio said...

i've heard this goodie shop from a friend and he was raving about their butterscotch. he said it wasn't too oily as what most butterscotch are. will try it myself when we chance by paranaque. yumm!

waaah. ang haba ng CAPTCHA. haha

peachkins said...

I want to try their butterscotch and polvoron...

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