Frutti Froyo - Yogurt Your Way

Frutti Froyo - Yogurt Your Way

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frutti Froyo yogurts
Something sweet with a tincture of sourness for dessert...

Frutti Froyo interiors
Armed with a full tummy but a yearning palate, my eyes zoomed in on a nearby (from where we had our lunch) yogurt shop, one I haven't tried before. I've actually degusted several renditions of frozen yogurts, from Yoh Froz's sweet version, to White Hat's sort of sour one, to Golden Spoon's ice cream like consistency. I like them all, depending on my mood, and now I'm in one adventurous mode.

I love eating yogurt as it makes me feel as if I'm eating something healthy. Never mind that my cup is usually filled to the brim with other sweet stuff and those packed with tons of calories. In my mind, the healthy part offsets the sinful goodness of the toppings, a much better alternative than fat-loaded ice cream covered with a heap of not so healthy candies or artificial syrup. A matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, hehe. But hey, I'm not saying I don't eat ice cream. I do. A lot. Whenever I feel like it to be honest. I don't count calories when I'm eating. I suppose it'll come back to bite me in my later years, but then again, if food is not to be enjoyed immensely, what is?

Frutti Froyo yogurt base
Anyway, back to the Frutti Froyo shop. The place was spotless, everything was new. A lone crew greeted me cheerfully and explained their semi do-it-yourself service. There was a mounted cup dispenser on one wall for you to get started. Adjacent to it were the yogurt machines offering different flavors, some of which you can combine. He was waiting for me to get my cup and fill it, but since I was lugging a heavy camera all poised for my food shots, I requested he do it for me instead.

Frutti Froyo fruit toppings

Frutti Froyo candies and nuts toppings
Basically, you do it your way. You have the say as to how much yogurt you want to put in your cup, how many toppings and how much of each you pack on top of the frozen goodness. They have fruits -- dried and fresh ones, butterscotch bars and brownies, mochi and cookies, candies, graham and a miscellany of nuts available, all with a purpose of making you salivate and confused as to what you would want to put in first. And let me not forget about the syrup, from chocolate to strawberry, caramel to raspberry. I felt literally like a kid on a dessert-eating spree.

Frutti Froyo choose toppings
With a lot of free will, I just gave him the go signal on the amount of each topping that I wanted. It was good to note though, that he didn't take advantage and loaded it with so much of each. Heck, he could have put in a barrage of fruits or the mochi that I wanted and made quite a sale out of me. At P19 per oz., he'd hit his quota faster if he had done that.

Frutti Froyo yogurts 2
I had him made me two orders, one was an Almond yogurt with dried blueberries, a variety of mochi and some nata de coco. The almond was sweet but would be better appreciated with fresh berries I believe. The dried ones lacked the tartness that could balance out the sweetness of the base. But I loved chewing on the gummy mochi texture as well as the resilient nata de coco; it was a nice contrast to the smoothness of the yogurt, and gave my teeth something to nibble on while my taste buds savor the mix of flavors.

The other was for my mom which is a Raspberry yogurt with fresh strawberries drenched in syrup, a couple of lychees and two pumps of again, raspberry syrup. I must admit this one went a little over the edge with the exaggeration of the crimson berries. It was tart on tart and I had only hoped the lychees had a sweet syrup that would curb the sourish taste. My mom apparently liked it though, just because she wasn't in the mood for some treacly dessert.

Frutti Froyo
Spot: Bldg. C Solenad 2 Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Aileen said...

Back when I was studying in DLSU, we had a Frutti Froyo branch near us and we frequent that place; mainly because we enjoyed customizing our yogurts and then getting the shock of our lives as to how much we've loaded in our buckets to arrive at such a price. :)))

In yogurts though, I usually favor Yohgurt Froz, Red Mango and White Hat. XD

Gene said...

How I wish my little girl would soon appreciate the taste of fro-yo. She (and her daddy) find it too maasim kaya lagi na lang kami sa Dairy Queen. I on the other hand love fro-yo, lalo na with fresh berries, cheesecake and some nuts.

WW Recipes said...

@Aileen Hehe yeah but you must agree it was definitely worth it:D

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