Sultry, Seductive Silvanas

Sultry, Seductive Silvanas

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nathaniel's Silvanas
Sans Rival in cookie sandwich form...

I absolutely adore the Sans Rival cake with its chewy meringue and creamy layers. It means "without rival" in French and I agree. Such is this cake that it has churned out different variations through the years, from varying flavors to the assorted nuts that accompany it.

There are plain ones, ube-flavored types, one that is covered with pistachios, macadamias, and oh did I mention my penchant for the Chocolate Almond Sans Rival from Conti's? Whatever form, flavor and shape, I blissfully relish taking in bite after bite of this delectable and uber luscious treat that teases the tongue and titillates the senses. The alternating layers of velvety smooth cream and crunchy meringue definitely leave you craving for more. Speaking of forms, it comes in a circular compact style known as Silvanas.

Nathaniel's logo and package
Like its mother version, I'm not particular with the kind of silvanas I'm presented with. Oval, round, crunchy, chewy -- I'd graciously take them all. However, there are a few favorites, those that I'd gladly opt for over others if all served right in front of me. One is from the House of Silvanas when I'm in the mood for a smoother meringue and melt-in-your-hands outer crust. I usually prefer my silvanas cold and though messy, I enjoy how this particular one slowly deliquesces in between my fingers even before I finish it, with the meringue just melding beautifully against the sweet buttercream.

Nathaniel's Silvanas 2
Another is from Nathaniel's in Pampanga. Its rendition is that of two distinct oval discs -imperfectly rounded and enshrouded with crumbs- that flank a thick layer of gorgeous buttercream. The meringue is light, airy and crunchy --a slight echo can be heard simultaneously with a bite-- before it gets chewy. The buttercream dissolves gracefully in the mouth, with traces of saccharine goodness lining up your palate. Though rich and dense in consistency, its dreamlike property will send shivers of delight through your body. A suave wiping of the corners of my mouth and a ginger rubbing of my crumb-stained hands sadly conclude this utopian moment. I always enjoy these instances of felicity found in life's simple edible pleasures, don't you?

Spot: Km. 69 Olongapo-Gapan Road, San Fernando, Pampanga
Contact Nos.: (045)961.4008 or (045)961.7171


[pinkc00kies] said...

niiiice and sweet :)

Aileen said...

I want this!!!! I love sansrival and these would be a great snack for me at work. Too bad it's in Pampanga. D; I can order though?

Guia Obsum said...

Aileen: I'm not sure where you can. My mom just bought this for me during their trip to Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Aileen, you can buy this in the Nathaniel's branch in Panay Avenue corner Timog in Quezon City.

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