Tasting the Flavours of China

Tasting the Flavours of China

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flavors of China Sauteed B-Day Dry Noodle 2
Feast your eyes on these mouthwatering and flavorful dishes...

Flavors of China menu
What was supposed to be just a snack before heading to a dinner turned out to be an all out pre-dinner meal, having our grandfather with us and my aunt, cousin and nephew joining us for an impromptu get together as well. Constant perusal of the menu resulted in a few more dishes on the table for all of us to share.

Flavors of China shrimp crackers
Whether with crispy chicken or served as a starter, kropeks or shrimp crackers keep the mouth busy and the taste buds occupied. Firecracker noises ring in the ears concurrently with a series of lazy bites.

Flavors of China Spinach Soup
I can't help but compare Flavours of China's Spinach Soup (P195) with that of Legend's. While the former serves a good pottage, Legend's rendition is richer, bolder and has more layers of flavor that surprise you with every sup.

Flavors of China Yang Chow Fried Rice
The Yang Chow Fried Rice (P200) was good, though --I think I have stated this more than I could count-- there really isn't that great a difference between versions of this staple Chinese rice among the usual Chinese restaurants.

Flavors of China Prawn and Mango Cold Salad
One of my favorite foods to order when in Chinese restos is the Hot Prawn Salad (I love Gloria Maris'). I was a bit disappointed when FOC didn't have it on the menu so I opted to go with the Flavours Prawn and Mango Cold Salad (P225) instead. Straightened prawns with vermiculated mayo dressing jutted out in six different directions from the half-domed cherry in the middle. Cold fruit salad resting on lettuce leaves, provided a nice cool bed with cubes of mangoes alternating with each prawn. Albeit toothsome, it lacked the ability to give as hearty a satisfaction as the hot salad dish I was yenning for.

Flavors of China Fish Fillet with Tofu and Taosi
The Fish Fillet with Tofu and Taosi (P210) was laid in front of us, smoke still emanating from the hot fare. Each of the six coated and deep fried fillets balances on top of a rounded piece of soft tofu, like a swimmer clinging to a buoy for dear life, while chopped green and red bell peppers were scattered all over. The fish meat was soft and flavorful since it was already half submerged in the pool of oyster mushroom soy sauce.

Flavors of China Glazed Honey Spareribs with Walnuts
I like the crunchiness of the Glazed Honey Spareribs with Walnuts (P255). The caramelized walnuts splattered with sporadic sesame seeds elevated the texture component of the dish. The crispy skin gives off that delicious crunch which preludes a tender bite of the pork meat. The sweetness was of the right amount with a tincture of savory flavor hinting through. It was actually quite addicting gnawing on each piece as the taste buds register a shifting of flavors from sweet to savory and back again to sweet.

Flavors of China Lechon Macau Hotpot with Tofu
Usually when ordering lechon macau, the presentation is the one of sliced pork belly accompanied by hoisin sauce. So when the waiter suggested trying the hotpot version, we went for it, and it was lovely. The Lechon Macau Hotpot with Tofu (P250) had the tender meat of the dry version but the skin was a bit subdued in crunch, understandably since it was immersed in a sweet brown sauce that had an equally dulcet fragrance. Slices of earthy shiitake mushrooms share the limelight while two pieces of Taiwan pechay lay decoratively on one side.

Flavors of China Sauteed B-Day Dry Noodle
I loved the Sauteed B-Day Dry Noodle (P205) which I would never have thought of ordering myself. Also called Cha-misua, it's a generous amount of sauteed brown misua noodles with a variety of vegetables thrown in. Slices of mushrooms are concealed amid the strands of thin noodles while ribbons of scrambled eggs and peanuts tumble charily on top of the giant tangled mess. Every forkful abounds with so much flavor that I was contemplating on getting a lot more than my fair share. Smooth noodles on crunchy veggies and nutty peanuts on savory sauce all meld well in a harmonious taste that undoubtedly whets the appetite.

Flavors of China Buchi
Buchi (P75) is well, your typical buchi. It's always a treat to eat this at the end of a Chinese meal with its warm glutinous rice all covered in sesame seeds and a treasure of bean paste just waiting to be unearthed.

Flavors of China Chilled Mango Tapioca in Light Syrup
For something cold to pair with the buchi, we had the Chilled Mango Tapioca in Light Syrup (P85). A mound of ice-cold crushed mango sits atop a cluster of tapioca balls partially seen at the bottom of the glass bowl. A lone cherry crowns the summit, its stem sticking out in invitation. The slowly melting liquid threatens to overflow as I scoop out a spoonful. Coolness greeted my mouth as gentle minute shards of mango tickled my tongue. I appreciate the restraint on sweetness that eliminates that cloying taste; it leaves you feeling sated and ends your meal on a good note.

Flavors of China
Spot: G/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave. cor. Mindanao Ave. Quezon City
Contact No.: 901.5688



omg, to die for. gosh I will be so busog... but delightfully so haha.
enjoy your eating explorations!

[pinkc00kies] said...

ang sarap nung pancit ha! :D i tried their veggie noodle soup before & it's so good... cheap pa!! sayang they only have ata mostly in SM branches.

blankpixels of Certified Foodies said...

You never fail to make my mouth water with all your posts. I desperately want to try the Glazed Honey Spareribs and Lechon Macau Hotpot!! Kagutom. @_@

I've seen FOC before, but never went in 'cause we usually end up at Chinese restaurants. But, since it's been awhile since we last had Chinese food, this will be our first stop. :)

Aileen said...

I have been saying for so many times that I miss eating chinese food; haha! And I still do--I have yet to go and dine to eat peking duck, mango sago, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

the mayo dressing is vermiculated? like wormy? yuck.

Guia Obsum said...

@Anonymous: I just meant the shape of the dressing.

Anonymous said...

the food is okay but the service is poor specially in SM Lipa branch. We waited for an hour just for 3 dishes. I will not eat again here.

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