Beating the Heat with Gelatissimo...

Beating the Heat with Gelatissimo...

Friday, April 20, 2012

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Is it hot or is IT hot?

Gelatissimo interiors and gelato
Eating gelato brings back memories of a time when we walked the streets of Firenze, a cone of gelato in one hand, the warm sunshine beating down our backs, and a gentle breeze ruffling our hair. Sadly, most of the gelatos I tasted here in Manila are of the slightly icy kind redolent of a sherbet's texture rather than a real gelato; well either that or they just weren't rich and flavorful enough to taste like one. That is until I've tried Gelatissimo's.

Originating from Australia, it offers a premium low fat yet creamy alternative to ice cream. Its dense consistency and smooth texture makes every bite a luscious indulgence, a perfect reprieve from the hot summer sun.

Gelatissimo Chocolate Liqueur
Their Chocolate Liqueur was a big hit for me. Raven black syrup splattered over a mountain of dark chocolate gelato sits invitingly behind the glass display, a small bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream (my favorite!) nestled luxuriously up front. It beckons, it tempts and I surrender willingly, already tasting the alcohol-tainted flavor of Bailey's even before the crew handed me the cup. And how it delivers!

Gelatissimo Chocolate Truffle and Choc Mint
For the other cup, I opted for two scoops. Beguiling with its chocolate hill marked with criss-crossing lines and dots of chocolate chips all blanketed with powdered cocoa is the Chocolate Truffle which was lamentably far too rich and chocolatey for my taste. The Choc Mint, on the other hand, I loved -- an obvious reaction if you know my propensity for chocolates with mint. Pastel green slopes partially covered by hardened chocolate veins and a scattering of chocolate shards; a dulcet abstract painting that enchants and captivates. How can you resist such a mellifluous canvas?

Gelatissimo gelato
Deliriously satisfied yet yearning for more, this is definitely not my last trip to Gelatissimo, what with all the other flavors that are just begging to be tried out. Peering through the glass there's Pistachio, Tiramisu and Green Tea...

Gelatissimo gelato 2
Not to mention Creme Caramel, Macadamia and Caramel, Rum and Raisin, Panna Cotta, Coconut and even Chili Chocolate! Talk about hot!

With the vast selection of flavors to choose from, it's understandably difficult to decide on a variant. What more those exotic, unique flavors that are alien to your palate. Gelatissimo generously lets you have a sample of the flavors via their colorful tiny plastic spoons, helping you bring your choices to at least a minimum.

1 scoop P110
2 scoops P160
3 scoops P190

Aside from gelato, they also offer brownies and coffee, as well as bambino cones -- mini gelatos dipped in colored chocolate coating and packed in insulated foams, great for parties, the size of which is just good for kids, for P720 per box of dozen cones.

Spot: G/F Serendra Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No.: 576.3088


J said...

I wanna try all those flavors - drizzled with hot Nutella! ;-)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Dark chocolate will always be my fave gelato flavor. =)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

oh... my... yummmmmy!

Raymund said...

Look at all those ice creams, I think I want a scoop of each flavour

Guia Obsum said...

@Raymund: Yey, you can leave a comment already! :)

the food dude said...

I need another gelato fix bad, this looks so tempting!

Hazel said...

i like their wide array of flavors!! i must try them soon :)

blankPixels of Certified Foodies said...

We love, love, love Gelatissimo! We've been to their Trinoma branch many times, and they're pretty generous with the samples so you can really pick what you want. I remember on our first time there, they were all very eager to let us taste everything that we ended up almost not finishing the gelato we actually ordered 'cause we were too full. We were like kids in a candy shop. :))

Anonymous said...

Any idea how many ml or cc is their cup?

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