Crepes & Cream @ Resorts World Manila

Crepes & Cream @ Resorts World Manila

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Banana de Leche from Crepes and Cream
Craving for crepes...

Crepes and Cream interiors
We were walking around Newport Mall when I saw this crepe store and suddenly, images of Cafe Breton's La Pinay filled my mind. I miss that mango and banana crepe drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream. It has been way too long. After several more minutes of window shopping (there really weren't many stores to see), we sauntered back to Crepes and Cream.

Crepes and Cream Fiesta
After scrutinizing the menu board, I settled for the sweet crepe entitled Fiesta (P109). It was a hot day and its description of "halo-halo in a crepe" was enough to make me crave for it. When the crew handed me my order, I was a bit disconcerted that it was formed into a cone instead of serving it flat on a plate. A blue plastic spoon was sticking out of it inviting you to withdraw a generous amount of this dessert. Scoops of ube and langka ice cream were concealed underneath, obscured by a mass heap of banana slices, macapuno, a small slice of leche flan and a sprinkle of pinipig. Everything was sweet and consuming it continuously proved to be cloying at one point; there was simply nothing to interrupt the saccharinity of it. Not to mention that it was a challenge to partake the crepe itself for doing so would just be plain messy. The lower half was already soggy due to the coldness of the ice cream; using a spoon would be futile and biting into it was just a sloppy chore.

Crepes and Cream Banana de Leche
Next up was the Banana de Leche (P99) which was presented in the same aforementioned manner. The bright side is, it wasn't as sickeningly sweet as the previous crepe. Vanilla ice cream drowned out by an abundant supply of banana slices and almond slivers was more refreshing and pleasant on the palate. I gladly devoured more than my share and happily nibbled on the nutty shards. The crepe was really out of the question, unless you ask for a fork and a plate.

Crepes and Cream Vanilla Milkshake
Another dulcet treat was the Vanilla Milkshake (P115), albeit I appreciated its consistency -- neither thin nor thick. I would have loved for it to be colder though as it gets a tad too mellifluous in just a cool and unfrozen temperature.

Crepes and Cream Kani Mango
I gave myself a pat on the back for unknowingly saving the best for last. The Kani Mango (P149) was totally delightful! Strands of crab sticks and dices of fresh mangoes thrown in with a few crisp lettuce leaves and smothered with Japanese mayo made for a very scrumptious savory victual. It erased all traces of sweetness in my mouth and replaced it with a highly addicting California maki-inspired snack. I would certainly go back for this.

Crepes and Cream
Spot: 3rd/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
Contact No.: 659.4408


J said...

What a coincidence! I just had crepes yesterday too.

Raymund said...

Very interesting way of serving crepes. Yummy!


I was weak in my knees when i saw this picture on facebook... yeah crepes is my weakness and your photos just called my name again.

anj said...

my ultimate favorite...

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