The Cake Club Part 2: Savory Dishes and Sweet Treats

The Cake Club Part 2: Savory Dishes and Sweet Treats

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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My sweet namesake, standing proudly beneath the glass, holding its own against the other beautiful cakes that surround it.

You might want to read about The Cake Club's weekend brunch specials before proceeding. Their brunch dishes are so good, it would be a shame to miss them. As if all of it weren't enough to satiate one's famished appetite, after devouring all their brunch dishes, we moved on to the mains before finally making it to the desserts.

Slow-Roasted Beef Belly
The Slow-Roasted Beef Belly (P395) was tender and succulent as was expected. I wasn't a fan of horseradish cream nor carrots, both of which were sitting quietly on either side of the meat, so I just stayed away from them and happily concentrated on that nice piece of melt-in-you-mouth beef with unctuous fat.

The Cake Club Lamb Burger
The Lamb Burger (P490) was okay, but I don't see myself hankering for it. The buns were a bit on the dry side and the Moroccan spiced patty had a spicy kick to it that was good for a few bites, albeit not something I could finish off. It could use more of the feta and parmesan cheese, I think. The guys seemed to love it, though.

The Cake Club Baked Salmon
I liked the Baked Salmon (P455) which was gorgeously resting atop some greens and a bed of saffron risotto. The plate was beautiful to begin with, and the Mediterranean crust slathered across the length of the salmon only served to heighten the seafood's flavor. A good hodgepodge of spices blankets your taste buds before giving way to the well-cooked pinkish meat. Meanwhile, the risotto had a tamer profile that complemented the salmon nicely.

The Cake Club Braised Veal Cheek Ravioli
Regrettably, I didn't get the chance to try the Braised Veal Cheek Ravioli (P370). I think I got caught up with all the other food (plus the chit-chat), I wasn't able to try it by the time the food shots were done. How it slipped by me was unfortunate since I usually love ravioli.

The Cake Club Japan Genmaicha Tea
Dulcet and light, the Japan Genmaicha Tea (P200 per pot) from Hediard, a Parisian brand of tea leaves, can be served either hot or cold, and I chose the latter. I prefer my tea iced, or else, I'd rather have coffee instead. Now this one had a certain silky sweetness redolent of barley drinks, and yet, still not quite so.

The Cake Club ice cream
Aside from cakes, The Cake Club is also known for their selection of ice creams...

The Cake Club ice creams
Clockwise from top left (P150 for 2 scoops): Apple Pie, Black Sesame, Baked Cheesecake, Supermoist Chocolate Cake, Ispahan, and Melon. I'd go for ice cream more often than I would for cakes; however, too sweet an ice cream would still make me run toward the other direction. Apart from the Black Sesame, which tasted light and and a bit nutty, and the Ispahan (my favorite of the bunch), which was tart and had an apparent berry flavor, everything else was pretty sweet for my taste. The Genmaicha (not in photo), on the other hand, had a saccharine base with a hint of green tea and roasted brown rice.

The Cake Club Vanessa
The Vanessa (P250) was an eye candy with its vibrant colors, a splash of green and red. A layer of cream dotted one side of both minty green painted macaron discs, while slices of strawberries lay sandwiched at the center. Another slice leaning on a small dollop of cream was perched on top of the whole thing. Its crunchy texture was what you will initially get before enjoying a chewy texture after. A nutty pistachio undertone kept on bobbing up in a sea of sweet cream and tart berries, making you enjoy a nice reciprocity of different flavors.

The Cake Club Guia
Curious to see how my pastry counterpart would taste like, I requested for an order of Guia (P250). Definitely rich with a balanced mellifluous tone, this creamy cheesecake was cocooned in an interesting maple flavor. Its base's parameter was surrounded by ground walnuts, contributing to a textural contrast that's needed for such a full-bodied cake. As delectable as this is, I doubt I would be able to finish this on my own.

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And for my favorite dessert of the day (heck, it was my favorite dessert of the month!) -- Foie Gras Macarons (P150)! I call it the Herm├Ęs of macarons; a title it so rightly deserves. It was amazing how something savory like foie gras was made into something dessert-sweet. The slightly crisp, light brown discs that flanked it were melded with porcini mushrooms -- the culprit of the sweetness this lovely treat exudes. After the airy crisp nip comes the chewiness that makes you appreciate how the ingredients involved come together. It actually had me at first bite and all I could do was surreptitiously close my eyes just so I could savor and relish its flavor, every time it hit my palate. I could literally eat about a dozen of these in one sitting; only, that would already amount to having a buffet lunch at a nice hotel. But really, the opulence and lusciousness just cannot be denied.

The Cake Club cakes
Since I've most probably gotten your mouth watering (I know mine is), here are more of their drool-worthy cakes. There are a couple more I see that's got me craving as I write this piece, so hopefully, I find my way back soon.

The Cake Club
Spot: 2nd/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


peachkins said...

Stunning photos, Guia!!!

Guia Obsum said...

Thanks, Peach!! Hope to see you again soon! :)

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