Chef Tatung Taguig Part 1: A Serene and Sequestered Filipino Setting

Chef Tatung Taguig Part 1: A Serene and Sequestered Filipino Setting

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chef Tatung interiors 6

Welcome to Chef Tatung...

My post on Chef Tatung was supposed to be just one long article featuring not only the food, but the lovely, off-the-beaten-track restaurant itself, tucked away in the heart of Taguig. Alas, it would be a mortal sin if I didn't show off each section and area of the place, one picturesque photo at a time. Figuring it would come out more like a novel than a blog post if I had put everything in one published piece, I decided to separate the place from the food and first showcase the former with the reverence it so rightfully deserves. And so once again, welcome to...

Chef Tatung interiors 7

Albeit a bit hard to find, this secluded spot is definitely worth traversing the long C-5 road and making your way through the housing maze that is Acacia Estates. A large resort-like house, with a wooden sign bearing Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou's famed name, is a tell-tale sign that you've arrived.

Chef Tatung interiors 8
As you walk up a few steps towards the front porch, a miniature caleza sitting on a wooden table up front and center greets you, giving you right away a Filipino vibe that reveals what cuisine is celebrated in this intimate establishment.

Chef Tatung interiors 9

Chef Tatung interiors 18
Circles of capiz make for an interesting divider that hides the dining hall, as if saying, "Not just yet..."

Chef Tatung interiors 20
First, turn to your left to see this table setting with a backdrop of black and white paintings of elderly tattooed tribesmen (rather, women), along with artifacts of the region they belong to.

Chef Tatung interiors 21
Meanwhile on your right, paintings of different landscapes fill the wall. Now you may proceed...

Chef Tatung interiors 19
At the far end of the room is a large painting, its colors a great contrast to the wall behind it. Atop the buffet table are more intricate figurines and artifacts, accenting the homey ambiance.

Chef Tatung interiors 1

Chef Tatung interiors 2

Chef Tatung interiors 3

Chef Tatung interiors 4
Each table setting has its own endearing character, from the table's intricately carved wooden edges to the floral centerpiece on top of it.

Chef Tatung interiors 5

Experience time stop as you step out into the veranda...

Chef Tatung interiors 17

Chef Tatung interiors 10
Laze around with a cup of coffee. Nestle yourself in this wheeled wooden seat or lounge around in one of the daybeds. The breeze will make you want to sleep while you stare amazingly at the trees partly covering this gastronomic haven.

Chef Tatung interiors 11

Chef Tatung interiors 12
An old and rustic sewing machine just shouts nostalgia, while the juxtaposed glass vase with its vibrant leaves and birds of paradise, balance it out with a slightly modern touch.

Chef Tatung interiors 13

Chef Tatung interiors 14
I love the red Batibot chairs. It reminds me of my mom's home and how much she wanted to paint hers blue. She would definitely love this place, with its decorative windows covered in colored glasses and the furniture right out of a Vigan setting.

Chef Tatung interiors 15

Chef Tatung interiors 16
This is a truly beautiful place fit for a relaxing bonding time with the family or even a romantic date with your loved one.

Still, more to come... it's the dishes' turn to regale you with a colorful, Filipino feast. Watch out for Chef Tatung Part 2!

When you see Petron, make a slight swerve to the right, towards the service road as there is no more opening to Levi Mariano on the main C-5 road itself.

Chef Tatung Taguig
Spot: Molave Lane, Acacia Ave. Acacia Estates, Taguig City
Contact No.: 0932.710.0010 or 466.5390


Ang Sarap said...

I love the setting, so Filipino. If someday I have my own restaurant (I wish) I would do it something like this as expresses a lot of our culture. Did you see some capiz windows?

Guia Obsum said...

Yes, there were capiz windows displayed on the walls, as well as ones with vintage colored glasses. :)

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