Gift Idea #1 for Christmas 2012: The Premiere Card from The Bistro Group

Gift Idea #1 for Christmas 2012: The Premiere Card from The Bistro Group

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One card, twelve restaurant concepts...

The Bistro Group houses 12 restaurant concepts that offer great food whatever it is you're craving for. From all-American Friday's, to a Japanese casual resto like Watami, and all the way to the Korean Bulgogi Brothers, The Bistro Group has successfully set up great dining places for every occasion. 

This Christmas, they would like to offer their loyal dining clientele with The Premiere Card. If you already have The Bistro Circle (TBC) card, you might be familiar with what this has to offer. But, and it's a big one, The Premiere Card offers more privileges this time. You know about the usual 20% OFF your total bill, but with the Premiere, you get that and 30% OFF every Monday for a whole year! TBC has already offered different appetizer coupons before, on the other hand, the Premiere offers 6 appetizer-of-your-choice vouchers up to P400 value per voucher. Plus, now you have a complimentary coffee or tea for every visit. How awesome is that?

This limited edition Premiere Card is Php 2,500 and is valid for one year. Not bad if you consider all the privileges that come with it (see photo above). It's available in all Bistro Group restaurants. A great gift for your loved one, or better yet, treat yourself to one this Christmas. Go ahead, you deserve it!

As soon as you get one, don't forget these must-tries:
  • TGI Friday's - Friday's Mozzarella | anything Jack Daniel's | Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta 
  • Italianni's - Alaskan Crab Dip | Creamy Crab Spaghetti | Beef Salpicao
  • Bulgogi Brothers - Bulgogi Bibimbap | Premium Boneless Short Ribs
  • Village Tavern - Grilled Chicken Spinach and Mixed Greens | Maryland-Style Crab Cakes | Banana Crepes | cocktails
  • Krazy Garlik - Garlic Bruschetta | Grilled Tuna Belly | White Fish Fillet with Creamy Seafood
  • Fish and Co. - Baked Salmon | New York Fish and Chips


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