Kulinarya Kitchen's New Dishes and a Giveaway

Kulinarya Kitchen's New Dishes and a Giveaway

Sunday, February 9, 2014

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New dishes at Kulinarya Kitchen! ♥

One of my family's favorite restaurants and go-to places whenever we're in Rockwell is Kulinarya Kitchen. They serve really delicious fare that's relatively affordable, compared to other restaurants in the area.

They started the new year with several new dishes. For the appetizers they have this Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer with beef cubes---impaled alongside some bell peppers and shallots---that still manages to maintain that tender trait even after being left in the open and already cold. A hint of peanut sauce, aioli and chili oil, wraps over your tongue as you finish off each bite.

Then there's the Sriracha Wings, orange-hued and guaranteed to whet the appetite, but you might be surprised. It isn't as hot as its name suggests; in fact there's a tinge of sweetness that cloaks the crisp fried wings, perfectly treading along the line between sweet and spicy. The end result is an addicting mouthful that will compel you to lick those fingers, and reach for another piece.

Kulinarya Kitchen Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer
Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer (P285)

Kulinarya Kitchen Sriracha Chicken Wings
Sriracha Wings (P280)

Kulinarya Kitchen Summer Salad
Summer Salad (P250 solo; P480 for sharing)

If you want something light, go try their Summer Salad, brimming with fresh elements such as watermelon, tomato, apple, pistachio, and feta cheese. Arugula is thrown into the mix with some Romaine, and finished off with drizzles of honey-cider vinaigrette.

Speaking of arugula, it is also present in a pizza that easily becomes a part of my favorite list. Kulinarya Kitchen's Pizza Bianca has white cheese for a base, topped with huge and juicy oven roasted tomatoes, diced pancetta, feta cheese, then drizzled with balsamic glaze and truffle oil that's heady and very apparent, you can't help but fall in love with the whole thing.

Kulinarya Kitchen Pizza Bianca
Pizza Bianca (P195 solo; P460 for sharing)

Kulinarya Kitchen Pasta Primavera
Pasta Primavera (P220)

They also have something for vegetarians or simply the health-conscious: Pasta Primavera laced with oven roasted tomatoes, fresh vegetables, and nuts peppered with parmesan cheese. I'd rather partner it with some meat, though.

Kulinarya Kitchen Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto
Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto (P695)

Kulinarya Kitchen Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto
Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto (P695)

An ingenious collaboration of two popular ways of serving rice, Kulinarya Kitchen has dished out the Paella Risotto -- the goodness of paella and the comforting creaminess of risotto using the traditional arborio rice. Have it with Seafood and Chicken or eat it with Crispy Pork Belly (which I prefer simply because I don't have the patience to de-shell the prawns) that amazingly stays crisp despite being submerged in the tomato-seafood broth.

Kulinarya Kitchen Linguine with Lamb Ragu
Linguine with Lamb Ragu (P350)

If you're craving for a heavier pasta, there's the Linguine with Lamb Ragu laden with tender lamb bits in an ossobuco style tomato and marsala wine sauce. I prefer mixing it before eating, letting the noodles soak up that savory ossobuco sauce.

A new twist to their popular salmon dish (Grilled Asian Salmon) is the Salmon Beurre Blanc. This time, the fillet rests on top of potatoes amid a sea of white wine butter cream sauce. Cut a small portion and smother it with that lovely sauce, savor, sigh, smother, savor, sigh... you get the point.

Kulinarya Kitchen Salmon Beurre Blanc
Salmon Beurre Blanc (P495)

Kulinarya Kitchen Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambe
Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambé (P195)

Though technically not a new dish, it was my first time to try this dessert. The crisply coated rice cake is bathed in sweet coco jam, with mangoes to counter its saccharinity. Take each bite with a spoon of vanilla ice cream for that cool ending to a once again great meal.

Kulinarya Kitchen
Spot: P1 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Contact Nos.: 898.1738 or 898.1864
Website: kulinaryakitchen.com
Facebook: KulinaryaKitchen

And yes, there is a giveaway!

I'm giving away a Php1,000 Gift Certificate from Kulinarya Kitchen so you could also try their new dishes!

JOIN NOW! Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below:

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll be in touch with you soon for details on how you can get your prize. Thanks again for joining! :)


Jhay Ramones said...

Among Kulinarya Kitchen's NEW dishes, which one do you find most intriguing and why?

Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto is one i find intriguing because it has plenty of ingredients and it looks like delicious.

Rhozallino Ramones
[email protected]

Theresa Cruz-Escaros said...

The Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto looks so deliciously sinful. I would like to taste it and see if it's as yummy as I imagined it to be.

Theresa Cruz-Escaros
[email protected]

sherry ann gole cruz said...

Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto is very intriguing and looks yummy, i really want to taste and share it with my kids
sherry ann gole cruz
[email protected]

sherry ann gole cruz said...

dining at kulinarya kitchen,yummy experience

Kulinarya Global said...

Thank you Foodreviews Manila for the great review of Kulinarya Kitchen's new offerings. I hope your readers will discover our restaurant and enjoy the food as much as you do. All the best to you!

Marizza Domingo said...

I find the Sriracha Wings most intriguing, I love the condiment itself so I'm curious if this dish would be just as lovable. :)

Complete name: Marizza Domingo

Email address: [email protected]

Thank you! :)

Patrick Corrales said...

Definitely the Salmon Beurre Blanc because it sounds like something my favorite celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, would love. Haha!

Patrick Simon T. Corrales
[email protected]

kristine Pelayo said...

Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto looks delicious and i love seafood :)
kristine Pelayo
[email protected]

emiliana said...

I can't wait to try the Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto 'coz it combines 2 of my favorites--crispy pork and chorizo!
emiliana sison
[email protected]

Patrick Corrales said...

I have never been disappointed about anything you recommended after I tried it myself. I went to Mesclun yesterday (first time) and fell madly in love!!!! Finished four dishes. Hahaha. An instant favorite place!

Maria Rosselle Castro said...

Intriguing Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto is a sure winner! Rich and flavorful paella topped with super crispy pork belly, it's surely a feast! :)

rocelalba said...

Would love to try the Linguine with Lamb Ragu, as I really appreciate lamb dishes done right! :)

Anna Rocel Villasis
[email protected]

Astra said...

The Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto looks interesting ( :

Astra C. Alegre
[email protected]

Jim Marlon Macaraeg said...

Linguine with Lamb Ragu. It has been a long time since I tasted Lamb Meat.

Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
[email protected]

Abigail said...

I like Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambé. it is like a fusion of Filipino & international cuisine
Abigail sy
[email protected]

marge888 said...

The Crispy Pork Belly Risotto. Have not tried any Risotto and would like to know what is the difference from the Paella
Margaret S. Chan
[email protected]

Nelia Saber Taborda said...

I find the Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto intriguing because I've love Paella so much and I don't know what it taste if it's with Crispy Pork Belly
Ronilia Villagarcia
[email protected]

joshua paul perry said...

pizza bianca looks delicious

joshau paul perry
[email protected]

Yna Bronozo said...

I find "Linguine with Lamb Ragu " intriguing maybe because I haven't tasted Lamb and since I love pasta but with the usual common tomato sauce so having it with lamb and marcela wine sauce makes me more excited to experience it. And I would love "Pizza Bianca" to go with it. #Takaw

Marie Katrina Bronozo

[email protected]

Jam Castro said...

I find Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambé intriguing because I haven't tried them in a restaurant.

Jamelle Katrina B. Castro
[email protected]

Trinket Bulseco said...

I'm excited to try Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo Paella Risotto. Looks very appetizing! I love paella! It's like a pick-me-up food for me.

Katrina Bulseco
[email protected]


Linguine with Lamb Ragu and Salmon Beurre Blanc looks like an awesome pair!

www.foodamn.com (Foodamn Philippines)
Daryll Villena

Girlie Camungay said...

Seafood and Chicken Paella Risotto because It looks yummy.
Girlie A. Camungay
[email protected]

Robert Jonathan Chan said...

suman sa latik with mango flambe 2 dessert combine into1 now that's interesting

Robert Jonathan Chan
[email protected]

Marinela Diaz said...

I find Linguine with Lamb Ragu to be the most intriguing. I am such a pasta monster plus I've never tried eating lamb before. It looks so appetizing!

Marinela Salamatin Diaz
[email protected]

June Rumbaoa Real said...

Among Kulinarya Kitchen's NEW dishes, I find Pizza Bianca most intriguing because it looks different from the pizza that I got accustomed to eating.
June Real | [email protected]

Analaine Ogayon said...

I find Linguine with Lamb Ragu most interesting because its different from the pasta that I usually eat.
Analaine De Los Santos Ogayon
[email protected]

Cristy Bautista said...

I am most intrigued with the Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambe because I have not tried suman combined with mango before. And now I want to taste it:)
Cristy C. Bautista
[email protected]

Eilynn Charm M. Quiros said...

I find Linguine with Lamb Ragu intriguing, because the presentation looks appetizing and yummy. I'd love to try this dish if I win this giveaway.

Eilynn Charm M. Quiros
[email protected]

Maki Yosh said...

I find Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambé intriguing because of its name fritters, sounds new and looks like it has a unique taste, so hoping to try this one!

NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang
EMAIL: [email protected]

allanoreyes said...

I find Linguine with Lamb Ragu to be the most intriguing and delicious.
Allan Reyes
[email protected]

Guia Obsum said...

Good to hear! Thank you for sharing this with us! :)

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