A Totally Tempting Treat: Dutch Speculoos from Nestlé Ice Cream

A Totally Tempting Treat: Dutch Speculoos from Nestlé Ice Cream

Monday, March 17, 2014

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To be tempted again...

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations Dutch Speculoos tubs

When I received two tubs of ice cream from Nestlé, I was smiling while I was setting up props for the mini shoot. More than cakes and other pastries, ice cream is usually my dessert of choice. Saying I was hooked on cookie butter for a while back is an understatement. I'd order jars of Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter even when I knew it would take months before I'd get to indulge in them. When I finally tried the Lotus Biscoff Spread, the addiction only heightened. I would literally eat it off a spoon, wanting no distractions whatsoever from tasting that spiced biscuit spread tinged with cinnamon.

It took a while before discipline settled in, and I had to restrain myself from ordering more jars lest I find my waistline more horrifying than it already was. The fact that these cookie butters became readily available in supermarkets made avoiding them all the more impossible. Thankfully by then, my cravings were directed toward other edible treats, so finally, that was that. Or so I thought...

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations Dutch Speculoos inside the tub

Uncovering the tub of Dutch Speculoos was like unearthing a hastily buried secret -- it seems more potent when it comes back to haunt you in one single blow. The speculoos-flavored ice cream laced with ribbons of cookie butter ripple and sporadic cookie chunks had a cool aura surrounding it, teasing and tempting until you submit and surrender.

And the moment you do, coldness sweeps in to tackle your tongue. The sweet spiced flavor overtakes your senses as you inhale that faint cinnamon perfume, while the familiar taste of that distinct speculoos cookie---bordering on gingerbread, but still not quite---dances daintily on your palate.

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations Dutch Speculoos scoop
See those cookie chunks peeking from within?

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations Dutch Speculoos top view

Avoiding this particular temptation is proving to be tougher than the one before. And with other Nestlé ice cream flavors bearing the names Belgian Chocolate Praline, Italian Coffee Affogato, and French Salted Caramel, really, who in their right minds could resist?

Nestlé Ice Cream
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