More Dishes to Love at Cibo

More Dishes to Love at Cibo

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cibo food collage
Favorites, old and new...

Cibo is really one of my favorite restaurants, and though I'm happy that they have some new dishes on the menu, I still can't help but stick to old favorites at times. Two staples are the Spinachi Zola (spinach dip), which poses a challenge during every visit, since I'm torn between throwing in more spinach-laden crostini inside my mouth, or stopping at some point lest I find myself full for my main dish/es; and the other is Limone Te Freddo (lemon iced tea)---sweet, refreshing, and riddled with mint leaves---one of the best in the metro.

The mains usually depend on my mood. Yes, plural, since there are instances wherein I order my ultimate Cibo favorite, Rigatoni All'Alfonso, together with another favorite, the Gamberetti Panini. The former is one of the first dishes I've tried at Cibo, and I've stayed true ever since. Shrimps, chives, stewed tomatoes, cream, chili peppers; obviously nothing could go wrong. Meanwhile, the latter is this grilled sandwich stuffed with chopped shrimps, celery, alfalfa, and lemon mayonnaise.

Cibo Tagliata di Manzo Melanzane
Tagliata Di Manzo Melanzane Parmigiano (P460)

Cibo Lasagna Classico
Lasagna Classico

Cibo Linguine di Valentino
Linguine Di Valentino (P335)

Sometimes, I'd be tempted to order a different pasta dish like that great-sounding Penne Della Terra with sauteed mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, goat cheese, parmesan, and cream, or that Farfalle Alla Genovese that has mushrooms, basil pesto, and cream. But every time I'm there, my mind automatically conjures up mouthwatering images of those shrimps smothered in spicy cream sauce, laced with delicious stewed tomatoes, and I hear myself tell the waiter "Rigatoni All'Alfonso" before it registers that I've once again ordered my usual.

This time though, I was determined to try a new one, the Linguine Di Valentino. Yes, it has the same stewed tomatoes, chili peppers, and cream that I oh so love in the aforementioned Rigatoni, but it has crabmeat instead of shrimps, so technically, it's something new for me, right? Well, it turns out that it's also good, but I think I'd still rather have shrimps instead of crabmeat, if only for that feeling of being more satiated.

My husband loved the Lasagna Classico. He was actually surprised that it's a new item at Cibo since it's pretty much a staple in most---if not all---Italian restaurants. I only had a small bite so I couldn't decipher the flavors completely, but it was a good cheesy bite nonetheless, enough to make me think of ordering a whole one for myself next time.

My mom's current dish of choice is the Tagliata Di Manzo Melanzane Parmigiano. It's roasted beef tenderloin sliced thinly, topped with grilled eggplant and parmesan. It has a nice robust meaty flavor, though the sporadic burnt touches does not sit well with me. My mom adores it though, and it has been her order for the last several visits.

I've got my eyes targeted on the Spaghettini Alla Pescatora next: sauteed seafood and stewed tomatoes. And for dessert, their Affogato. See you again soon, Cibo!

Spot: 2nd Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Contact Nos.: 633.2426 or 901.4476


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