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Panaderia Pantoja

Panaderia Pantoja

Saturday, March 15, 2014

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A taste of nostalgia...

When I received a box of pastries and delicacies from Panaderia Pantojo, my mind immediately took a walk down memory lane as it relived some of my childhood memories, back to the time when we had our own little bakery. I see sporadic branches of this bakeshop all over the metro, but admittedly haven't given it a second thought. These days, BreadTalk, Tous Les Jours, and the more high-end foreign brands like Paul and Eric Kayser pretty much are the usual go-to places for those hankering for some yeast or sweet dough breads, and cupcakeries sprouting like mushrooms satisfy those with a bad case of cake cravings. Opening the box though, unleashed a wave of nostalgia and the feeling of comfort some good, old fashion food brings.

Panaderia Pantojo is a family-owned business that started more than 60 years ago. It has then grown into a large corporation with different branches and franchises in Manila and Batangas. Theirs is really your neighborhood bakery, the one you went to as a child, hankering for a piece of pan de coco or monay.

Panaderia Pantoja biscuits collage
Biscocho, Paborita, Jacobina

Panaderia Pantoja Ensaymada with Salted Egg
Ensaymada with Salted Egg

Panaderia Pantoja Yema Cake
Yema Cake

An assortment of biscuits greeted me as I unearthed every product from the box -- Biscocho, a toasted bread topped with butter and sugar; Paborita, a round and toasted cracker with flaky layers inside; and Jacobina, thin and crisp crackers that I imagine would be great with some savory spreads.

There was a large Ensaymada oozing with buttercream redolent of that hometown bakery taste, almost like margarine in the familiar greasy way it feels. A generous amount of grated cheese is sprinkled on top, and finished off with five slices of salted egg. This soft and chewy number is a classic.

The Yema Cake is one of their new products. Layers of pillowy soft chiffon cake are covered in custard cream that's not at all cloying. It's also topped with a copious amount of grated cheese. This cake is very light, and goes well with a mug of hot chocolate to while away the afternoon.

Panaderia Pantoja products

They have a lot more products like Pan de Red and Pan de Ube, Hopia Baboy, Inipit, Brownies, Chocolate Crinkles, and even gourmet breads. So next time you pass by a branch on your way home, it's worth your time to stop, step back into your childhood, and grab a piece or two of that spanish bread.

Panaderia Pantoja
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