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Lunch Buffet at Bellevue Manila's Café d'Asie

Lunch Buffet at Bellevue Manila's Café d'Asie

Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Discovering a great prime rib buffet place right here in the South!

It was pretty late when we went down for breakfast at Prime Café in B Hotel. It was a Saturday, and the kids were still sleeping until about 9 AM. It was really the beds' fault, those and the pristine white blankets that kept us comfortably warm and snug amid the cool temperature of the rooms, not to mention those fluffy pillows that cocooned our sleepy heads.

After eating, we still could not get our fill of those beds, and so up we went and lazed for a few more hours. We weren't in a hurry for lunch. Jane of Sugar N Spice (the lovely lady who made this wonderful staycation possible for us) and the other food bloggers were set to go on an afternoon trip to Enchanted Kingdom. Though it was tempting to bring the kids there as well---they have this new 7D ride---we figured we shouldn't dare go out into the scorching April summer heat. Besides, the hubby and I had appointments for a relaxing massage at The Bellevue Hotel's Azurea Spa after lunch.

Cafe d'Asie collage

When we arrived at Cafe d'Asie for their lunch buffet, this huge elegant chandelier greeted us, overlooking the floor below. To the left are the dining tables, cozy and casual in feel, while to the right is the buffet spread.

Both the lunch and dinner buffet are priced at P1,390 nett. Children 6 to 12 years old are charged half the price which is P695 nett, and kids 5 years old and below eat free of charge. For the breakfast buffet, you can enjoy their profferings at only P770 nett. Pretty affordable compared to other hotels', considering their selection is pretty abundant.

Cafe d'Asie Salad Bar
Salad Bar

Cafe d'Asie Cold Cuts
Cold Cuts

Cafe d'Asie cheese platter
Cheese Station! ♥

Cafe d'Asie dried fruits, nuts, and honey
Pair your cheese platter with dried fruits, nuts, and honey.

We started with some salad, theirs has different types of greens, as well as veggies and eggs. There are four dressings you could choose from, and there are also some ready-made cold salads you can try. Aside from this, there's a section of cold cuts with smoked milkfish to boot.

I, for one, don't usually pass up the cheese station. Give me about three to four choices, and you won't hear me complaining. Along with the cheese are crackers, dried fruits, nuts and a bowl of honey. Oh, and they have a bread station, too, filled with various dinner rolls.

Cafe d'Asie Japanese Station
Japanese Station

Cafe d'Asie sushi
Sushi love! ♥

One of my favorite cuisines is Japanese, and luckily this is usually included in any international buffet. I took a bit of sushi here and there, trying out those whose names I don't know, but are pretty enough to eat. I helped myself to a large serving of sashimi---both the salmon and tuna---as I could devour these pretty easily especially when they're fresh.

Cafe d'Asie Grill Station
Grill Station

Cafe d'Asie grill meats

Cafe d'Asie Indian and Pasta Stations
Indian and Pasta Stations

Cafe d'Asie Korean and Chinese Stations
Korean and Chinese Stations

Cafe d'Asie Mongolian Station
Mongolian Station

Cafe d'Asie Salted Fish Fried Rice and Soup Station
Salted Fish Fried Rice and Soup Station

A hodgepodge of cuisines litter the buffet: Indian, Mongolian, Korean, Chinese. There's a grill station where you can opt to have your seafood and meat charred with that smokey mouth feel. There's rice if you're up for it, and a couple of soup choices to warm the stomach.

Cafe d'Asie dish collage
Hot Dishes

For the hot dishes, that day they served Chicken with Mushrooms, Sweet and Sour Pork, Potato with Herbs, Pan Fried Fish with Florentine Sauce, Buttered Vegetables, and Beef Stroganoff.

More often than not, I skip the hot dishes unless I see something that's intriguing enough for me to try. There's only so much food I can take so I'd rather save the space for the usual suspects like cheese, salads, sushi and sashimi, made-to-order seafood, desserts, and this one...

Cafe d'Asie Prime Ribeye
♥♥♥ US Roasted Rib Eye ♥♥♥

What can I say? This deserves your prime gustatory real estate. My hubby and I are always lucky to experience an outstanding prime rib whenever we're at Circles, and so far among the hotel buffets we've tried (Spiral, Market Cafe, Marriott Cafe, and Paseo Uno to name a few), our vote still goes to them when it came to this steak. Until now. I can't believe that an equally good rib eye resides just a few minutes away from us. Moist, tender, oozing with flavor; every bite of my medium rib eye slice was heaven. I simply had to return for another round.

Cafe d'Asie Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits

Cafe d'Asie Bread and Butter Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding

Cafe d'Asie Ice Cream
Ice Cream Station

Cafe d'Asie ice cream toppings
Marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, cereals -- pile it on high!

Cafe d'Asie Dessert Station
Dessert Station

Another thing that sealed the deal? Café d'Asie's dessert roundup.

There were fresh fruits, and ice cream complete with a plethora of sprinkles and marshmallows for toppings. There was this Bread and Butter Pudding I regret not having since it earned quite a number of thumbs up from fellow bloggers.

At the center of it all was a pyramid of petits fours comprising Pandan Cream Cake, Ube Mango Cake, Cherry Cheesecake, Lemon Curd, Mango Mousse, Florida Cake, Blueberry Crumble, and assorted Fruit Tartlets.

Few, yes -- again when compared to other hotels' dessert lineup. Simple, maybe, but that's debatable. The difference lies in that their cakes are better than other hotels' -- moist, not too sweet, and I've mentioned this before, these beautiful little treats are not put there just for the sake of filling the dessert station. Every bite is enjoyable; a wonderful ending to a scrumptious and delightful meal.

Café d'Asie
Spot: Second Floor Main Wing, The Bellevue Manila Hotel, North Bridgeway, Filinvest City, Alabang
Contact No.: 771.8181
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: thebellevuemanila


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